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The house colours are finally here. pic.twitter.com/LH3CG0D7FE— Valley Park School () June 14, 2024


Tomorrow's exams are... pic.twitter.com/tbnNJiWeXr— Valley Park School () June 13, 2024


Arts Week 2024 is getting nearer - have you got your tickets yet? https://t.co/2X6Pi72TlU pic.twitter.com/bXNoNSoK5G— Valley Park School () June 13, 2024


Our Year 10 Performing Arts class absolutely smashed their Unit 1 exam! They performed numbers from Dear Evan Hanson & Come From Away. Mrs Austin is so proud of all of them! #wearevalleyparkperformingarts#smashedit pic.twitter.com/uKpYvuh2kQ— Valley Park School () June 13, 2024


Tomorrow's exams are... pic.twitter.com/bdQCiHzppx— Valley Park School () June 12, 2024


Tickets are available for our Year 5 Transition workshops next week, starting on Tuesday 18 June with Forensics, Speed Racers and Dippy Divers. Read more: https://t.co/BrPqsXr1vt pic.twitter.com/woYbk7Xmdd— Valley Park School () June 12, 2024


Tomorrow's exams are... pic.twitter.com/6tV6ZvbQLS— Valley Park School () June 11, 2024


The poster says it all...The Sixth Form Art Showcase is back.#wearevalleypark#wearevalleyparksixthform#wearevalleyparkartshowcase#artshowcase pic.twitter.com/cVAe6cFDxX— Valley Park School () June 10, 2024


Tomorrow's exams are... pic.twitter.com/rCY6TnCu8J— Valley Park School () June 10, 2024


In form time, Year 12 students added glazes to our DeCaf guests' pottery. We look forward to delivering these to them later this term. #DeCaf#dementiacafe#wearevalleyparkarts pic.twitter.com/DaWYNTWC1x— Valley Park School () June 10, 2024


On Friday 7 June, a crack team of year 8 students competed in a nationwide STEM challenge day at the University of Greenwich Medway campus. Read more: https://t.co/IzV8KKY2BU pic.twitter.com/x7nc50S6P9— Valley Park School () June 10, 2024


Valley Park School House Launch this week! What were the house names you selected? What colour is each house? What house will you be in? pic.twitter.com/M20H39qEJc— Valley Park School () June 10, 2024


Valley Park School House Lunch this week! What were the house names you selected? What colour is each house? What house will you be in? pic.twitter.com/Vr7mqVJeGB— Valley Park School () June 10, 2024


Tomorrow's exams are... pic.twitter.com/n8c1yNYGBw— Valley Park School () June 9, 2024


If a student’s attendance at the end of Term 5 was below 90% this means that they have missed at least 15 days or 75 hours of learning. pic.twitter.com/OgDwXCbxPZ— Valley Park School () June 9, 2024


Valley Park School House Lunch next week. What were the house names you selected? What colour is each house? What house will you be in? pic.twitter.com/ZzFFw7JVh3— Valley Park School () June 7, 2024


Tomorrow's exams are... pic.twitter.com/rAf9PJDWuL— Valley Park School () June 6, 2024


Tomorrow's exams are... pic.twitter.com/RzhXpF9W1T— Valley Park School () June 5, 2024


Our SHUSH (Second Hand Uniform SHop) is open tomorrow during Year 10 Parents evening between 4.30pm and 6.30pm. pic.twitter.com/xGq2hSWfoT— Valley Park School () June 5, 2024


Tomorrow's exams are... pic.twitter.com/CJKts374IA— Valley Park School () June 4, 2024


Tomorrow's exams are... pic.twitter.com/7MYrPWNvXk— Valley Park School () June 3, 2024


The Hamlet cast had a brilliant afternoon rehearsing for the RSC associate schools performance on 24 June. They met the production team & rehearsed their section in the Studio. We're so excited for the performance! Tickets available here: https://t.co/WUdg06H5dV pic.twitter.com/aTYExjx5xR— Valley Park School () June 3, 2024


Back to the Musicals rocks it, and if you’re not here, then you don’t even know it! pic.twitter.com/JyeJX3THla— Valley Park School () May 23, 2024


Tomorrow's exams are... pic.twitter.com/vdXmWx0R0C— Valley Park School () May 23, 2024


tickets are now available! Visit our website for info on each event, and book your places! https://t.co/2X6Pi73rbs pic.twitter.com/6Pq3UNHUG2— Valley Park School () May 23, 2024

Covid Catch-Up Expenditure

COVID Catch-Up Premium Spending: Summary for Valley Park School


Total number of pupils/students:

1346 in Years 7-11

Amount of catch-up premium received per pupil:


Total catch-up premium budget:


Budgeted expenditure laid out below


Strategy Statement

Students at Valley Park School have been impacted by the national lockdown between March 2020 and July 2020 in the following key ways:

  • Literacy levels, some of which had already been identified as being low and limiting-factors in students’ progress, had been identified as a priority prior to the lockdown, but our Accelerated Reader deployment was delayed due to the lockdown being announced just after the STAR assessments had been completed, and before we could deploy books to students (other than those that we promoted on an electronic basis).  Some new entrants to the school in Year 7 were also adversely affected by the closure of their primary schools, and so have joined Valley Park with ZPDs that are lower than those we have previously experienced.
  • In general, students in all year groups had identified gaps in their learning, particularly in subjects that required practical elements, either due to the fact that students had not had access to specialist equipment, or because they lost confidence over the course of the lockdown to perform or contribute in front of their peers.  We need to work in rebuilding confidence, particularly in the event of further periods when students will need to study from home via Microsoft Teams.
  • Now that Valley Park School has fully deployed Microsoft Teams as the means of delivering online, virtual, lessons the school will work on developing strong methods of quality assurance, focusing in particular on the quality of assessment for learning, and in respect of dialogue in particular.
  • As highlighted by the Return to School documentation produced by the government for September 2020, some students have struggled to readjust to their return to school.  Some SEN students, for example, have really felt comfortable working from home, with specialist 1:1 mentoring via Zoom, and so they are reluctant to return.  Other students now need a boost to their confidence, as described above, and others now need help regulating their behaviour (both inside and outside of school), having spent a number of months without the structure of school that previously benefited them.

The overarching aims of Valley Park School’s deployment of the Covid Catch Up funding are:

  • To minimise, or eliminate if possible, the impact on students’ learning of the national lockdown between March and June 2020.

To ameliorate the gap in achievement (measured by progress from individual starting points) between disadvantaged students and their peers, and to certainly avoid the gap widening as a consequence of the lockdown.

Barriers to Learning

Use both Qualitative and Quantitative sources such as Internal Assessment and Reporting Data, Staff, Pupil and Parent Surveys, Attendance Records, Ofsted Reports, Reviews from External Partners to identify Barriers to Attainment in your school:


Academic Barriers: 


Low levels of literacy, limiting students’ ability to read and also impacting students’ ability to access the wider curriculum.


Gaps in students’ learning across all subjects, arising from the national lockdown between March and July 2020.


Identified low levels of IT literacy within students in primarily our younger year groups.


External Barriers: 


Volume of students working from home since the start of academic year 2020-21, either for reasons of self-isolation or due to health concerns.  This manifests as sporadic absence (e.g. 14 or 10 days at a time) or longer-term periods of at-home provision.


Low self-esteem and lack of confidence arising from lockdown, leading to some students being reluctant to participate in online activities, and limiting some students’ abilities to self-regulate.


Absence, within some home environments, of appropriate IT infrastructure to support provision of high-quality online lessons.  This can be due to more than one member of a household sharing a single device, but also down to insufficient bandwith.

Planned Expenditure for Current Academic Year

Quality of Education for ALL


Intended Outcome and Success Criteria

Evidence and Rationale for Action

How will you make sure it is implemented well?

Staff Lead

Review Date

To implement 100% of lesson delivery via Microsoft Teams, on a live basis.


Live Microsoft Teams lessons to be of consistently high quality.

  • All lessons, with the exception of cover lessons, delivered via Teams.
  • All lessons to evidence strong Assessment for Learning practice, especially teacher-student and student-student dialogue and reflection.

As a school, we are committed to improving the online, virtual, school offer that was available during the national lockdown from March.  Having migrated our systems to Office 365, we have already rolled out live video lessons to all year groups.


The quality of assessment (Assessment for Learning) within lessons is critical for students’ success, and we have already identified that the quality of dialogue in lessons is the driving force for improvement for our students.  We therefore need to ensure that this dialogue continues to develop even when students are not present in school.

  • Ongoing CPD provision for staff in the effective use of Teams as a teaching resource.
  • Ongoing e-safety and ‘how to’ guides for students and their families, responding to need.
  • Ongoing IT Support to remediate problems expeditiously.
  • Day to day monitoring by Head of Department.
  • Robust Quality Assurance programme in place, evidencing progress made in driving up standards of online lesson provision.
  • Use of external consultants in order to triangulate the school’s own assessments.


April 2021

To deploy GCSE Pod resources across Key Stage 4, and to embed across all relevant curriculum areas.

  • All students in Years 10-11 (and in Year 9, where appropriate) to be provided with access to GCSE Pod ready for the Christmas 2020 break.
  • All students to have accessed GCSE Pod, and to have their participation tracked and monitored.

We have, as a school, also been trialling the use of Massolit(following student requests during the national lockdown), and a similar resource has been requested for students in Key Stage 4 in the run-up to their GCSE examinations.

A number of colleagues who have joined us from other schools were able to recommend GCSE Pod as a highly effective programme of ‘pods’ (tutorials) that are both engaging and impactful in terms of progress.  A range of GCSE subjects, across a variety of examination boards, is available.



  • Monitoring metrics to determine student uptake and the impact on students’ progress.
  • Student Voice processes to provide evaluation and the means to improve/evolve.
  • Parent Voice processes to provide evaluation and the means to improve/evolve.


April 2021

To raise literacy levels in students across Years 7-9 inclusive.

  • Accelerated Reader, which has already been implemented prior to the national lockdown, to become fully embedded in Years 7-9.
  • Reporting based on STAR tests to evidence appropriate and sustained progress in ZPD/reading ages across Years 7-9.

Accelerated Reader has been adopted across the Valley Invicta Academies Trust, as a proven means of raising students’ reading and literacy skills.  We have invested, last year, in the programme via our Literacy and Numeracy Catch Up Premium, but will now need to supplement our investment by purchasing reading books at a lower level, owing to the reading levels that some of our newest Year 7 students have, following the national lockdown.

Colleagues within the English Department will complete the training necessary to take full benefit from Accelerated Reader’s monitoring systems in order to improve the programme’s impact.  

  • Full suite of CPD provided by Accelerated Reader to the English Department, Foundation Learning Department and Library colleagues, ensuring a complete, knowledgeable, support network for students.
  • Library stocked with new reading material that is appropriate for students who have a lower ZPD than previously assessed at Valley Park School.
  • Catch Up Mentor/Catch Up Coordinator (see ‘Targeted Support’ section, below) fulfil the role of reading mentor for reluctant or ‘stuck’ readers.
  • Reading/Book Club(s) established, that encourage and begin to embed a love of reading within the school community.
  • Library will have an increased online presence.


April 2021

To strengthen Science department leadership for the purposes of supporting students in their post-lockdown catching up within this curriculum area.

  • Review leadership structure within Science department and create new structure that is fit for purpose.
  • Advertise, interview and appoint highly-skilled leaders to support the department and ensure that catch up programme is effectively delivered, assessed and reviewed.

The Science Department, following a period of natural attrition and some internal promotions, was led by three separate Key Stage Coordinators for most of last academic year, with one appointed as Head of Science for the new academic year.

The new Head of Science requires a small team of leaders with whom the curriculum can be reviewed, students’ progress can be kept under close review, and swift action can be implemented in the event of any gaps in knowledge/understanding are identified.

Student Voice and Parent Feedback during the national lockdown period demonstrated that students struggled the most with their Science learning whilst working remotely, so the investment in Science (where students sit two GCSEs at the end of Year 11) has been prioritised, since this impacts all students across Years 7-11 inclusive, also strongly influencing their life chances post-16.

  • Recommended leadership structure produced by Science Department and Head of Science, according to identified needs.
  • Recommended leadership structure scrutinised, with amendments suggested as appropriate, by Senior Team before roles advertised.
  • New job description(s) and person specification(s) produced in respect of new role(s).
  • New role(s) advertised and appointed.
  • Induction process followed for new Science leadership.
  • Fortnightly review of leadership structure with SLT line manager, to ensure strong embedding of new role(s), swiftly, and to ensure progress on the part of students.
  • Use of external consultants in order to triangulate the school’s own assessments of progress.


April 2021 but reviewed, on an interim basis, fortnightly.

Total Budgeted Cost:


Targeted Support


Intended Outcome and Success Criteria

Evidence and Rationale for Action

How will you make sure it is implemented well?

Staff Lead

Review Date

Specialist support procured for identified students, to improve their skills with respect to self-regulation and keeping themselves safe.

Purchase membership of “Dare to Differ” programme.

Complete case study portfolio to demonstrate impact on individuals and efficacy of programme, which should be tailored to individual needs.

100% engagement with the programme on the part of students who are put forward.

Valley Park School is implementing a number of restorative programmes to sit alongside the system of sanctions.  However, some difficulties experienced by students exceed the knowledge of the pastoral team, and students at times benefit from speaking to a professional who is outside the school.

The school is aware that some students have been waiting some time to receive support from CAMHS and therefore Dare to Differ offers a viable alternative in the interim period.  Student Voice and Parent Voice have both expressed concern about students’ mental health arising from the national lockdown, hence this kind of support being a priority for us.

Recommendations were sought from other local schools, including Alternative Provision, and Dare to Differ was recommended as both impactful and accessible for students, even when they at risk of criminal activity and a robust approach.

  • Case studies evidence impact on individual students (this may or may not, depending on the individual, be academic data, but could also be shown in Personal Development metrics).
  • Student Voice to evaluate the programme and suggest improvements.
  • Parent Voice to evaluate the programme and suggest improvements.
  • Pastoral Team to evaluate the programme and work with Dare to Differ personnel to personalise the school’s programme as appropriate.


On a case by case basis, and overall in April 2021.

Implement an administrative structure that effectively supports the growing need for SEND provision within Valley Park School, both as a direct result of lockdown, but also due to the increased number of EHCPs that the school now administers/support in Year 7.

Appointment of highly-skilled communicator, ideally with SEND experience, to the post of SEND Administrator.

Valley Park School historically had a dedicated SEN Administrator, however natural attrition led to this role being amalgamated into other positions within the school.

The varying needs that have developed during the national lockdown, some of which continue now that students have returned to face-to-face provision now lead us to the conclusion that an equivalent role is required again, so that families have a familiar contact, and so that extensive reporting requirements can be met whilst our SENCOs can direct more of their time to the children who have specific needs, including those who have recently joined us in Year 7, and who did not receive the usual levels of Transition support.

  • New job description and person specification produced in respect of new role.
  • New role advertised and appointed.
  • Induction process followed for new post.
  • Twice-termly review of role and its induction, to ensure strong embedding of new role(s), swiftly, and to ensure progress on the part of students.
  • Parent Voice and Student Voice (part of our Record of Outcome process) to evidence an improvement in provision/accessibility.
  • Staff review of process to drive ongoing progress/improvement.


Twice-termly, and overall in June 2021

Introduce a small Catch Up Team for the purposes of coordinating catch up activities, mentoring and monitoring activities, impact and outcomes.

·  Appointment of Catch Up Coordinator

·  Appointment of Catch Up Mentor

·  Establishment of tracking mechanism, through which evidence can be collected, collated and analysed.

From our past experiences in prioritising interventions for PP students, and in supporting literacy and numeracy catch ups, we know that these programmes of support work most effectively when one or more “champions” are in post to coordinate, track and promote engagement.

For the past year, we have been working towards a solution that would allow us to have colleagues in school who could encourage reluctant readers, and so we have decided to create a small dedicated team that can incorporate both catch up post-lockdown and the promotion of reading/literacy (since the two are closely correlated).

  • New job descriptions and person specifications produced in respect of new roles.
  • New role advertised and appointed.
  • Induction process followed for new post.
  • Twice-termly review of role and its induction, to ensure strong embedding of new role(s), swiftly, and to ensure progress on the part of students.
  • Parent Voice and Student Voice (part of our Record of Outcome process) to evidence an improvement in provision/accessibility.



April 2021

Total Budgeted Cost:


Other Approaches


Intended Outcome and Success Criteria

Evidence and Rationale for Action

How will you make sure it is implemented well?

Staff Lead

Review Date

Implement a programme of tutoring on a 1:1 or small group basis for the students at most risk of falling behind following the national lockdown (this may be due to the fact that they cannot yet attend school due to their being clinically extremely vulnerable).

Valley Park School’s most vulnerable students to be prioritised for access to catch up tutoring.  This strategy requires the establishment of a culture wherein the notion of tutoring is to be engaged with. 

The government recommends use of the National Tutoring Programme to aid students’ catch up post-lockdown.  We have access to a small network of known teachers but will also access the National Tutoring Programme, where our contacts are not appropriate or available.

  • Criteria of eligibility to be followed.
  • All spending on tutoring to be logged and documented.
  • Analysis of impact to be completed.


July 2021

Total Budgeted Cost: