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The house colours are finally here. pic.twitter.com/LH3CG0D7FE— Valley Park School () June 14, 2024


Tomorrow's exams are... pic.twitter.com/tbnNJiWeXr— Valley Park School () June 13, 2024


Arts Week 2024 is getting nearer - have you got your tickets yet? https://t.co/2X6Pi72TlU pic.twitter.com/bXNoNSoK5G— Valley Park School () June 13, 2024


Our Year 10 Performing Arts class absolutely smashed their Unit 1 exam! They performed numbers from Dear Evan Hanson & Come From Away. Mrs Austin is so proud of all of them! #wearevalleyparkperformingarts#smashedit pic.twitter.com/uKpYvuh2kQ— Valley Park School () June 13, 2024


Tomorrow's exams are... pic.twitter.com/bdQCiHzppx— Valley Park School () June 12, 2024


Tickets are available for our Year 5 Transition workshops next week, starting on Tuesday 18 June with Forensics, Speed Racers and Dippy Divers. Read more: https://t.co/BrPqsXr1vt pic.twitter.com/woYbk7Xmdd— Valley Park School () June 12, 2024


Tomorrow's exams are... pic.twitter.com/6tV6ZvbQLS— Valley Park School () June 11, 2024


The poster says it all...The Sixth Form Art Showcase is back.#wearevalleypark#wearevalleyparksixthform#wearevalleyparkartshowcase#artshowcase pic.twitter.com/cVAe6cFDxX— Valley Park School () June 10, 2024


Tomorrow's exams are... pic.twitter.com/rCY6TnCu8J— Valley Park School () June 10, 2024


In form time, Year 12 students added glazes to our DeCaf guests' pottery. We look forward to delivering these to them later this term. #DeCaf#dementiacafe#wearevalleyparkarts pic.twitter.com/DaWYNTWC1x— Valley Park School () June 10, 2024


On Friday 7 June, a crack team of year 8 students competed in a nationwide STEM challenge day at the University of Greenwich Medway campus. Read more: https://t.co/IzV8KKY2BU pic.twitter.com/x7nc50S6P9— Valley Park School () June 10, 2024


Valley Park School House Launch this week! What were the house names you selected? What colour is each house? What house will you be in? pic.twitter.com/M20H39qEJc— Valley Park School () June 10, 2024


Valley Park School House Lunch this week! What were the house names you selected? What colour is each house? What house will you be in? pic.twitter.com/Vr7mqVJeGB— Valley Park School () June 10, 2024


Tomorrow's exams are... pic.twitter.com/n8c1yNYGBw— Valley Park School () June 9, 2024


If a student’s attendance at the end of Term 5 was below 90% this means that they have missed at least 15 days or 75 hours of learning. pic.twitter.com/OgDwXCbxPZ— Valley Park School () June 9, 2024


Valley Park School House Lunch next week. What were the house names you selected? What colour is each house? What house will you be in? pic.twitter.com/ZzFFw7JVh3— Valley Park School () June 7, 2024


Tomorrow's exams are... pic.twitter.com/rAf9PJDWuL— Valley Park School () June 6, 2024


Tomorrow's exams are... pic.twitter.com/RzhXpF9W1T— Valley Park School () June 5, 2024


Our SHUSH (Second Hand Uniform SHop) is open tomorrow during Year 10 Parents evening between 4.30pm and 6.30pm. pic.twitter.com/xGq2hSWfoT— Valley Park School () June 5, 2024


Tomorrow's exams are... pic.twitter.com/CJKts374IA— Valley Park School () June 4, 2024


Tomorrow's exams are... pic.twitter.com/7MYrPWNvXk— Valley Park School () June 3, 2024


The Hamlet cast had a brilliant afternoon rehearsing for the RSC associate schools performance on 24 June. They met the production team & rehearsed their section in the Studio. We're so excited for the performance! Tickets available here: https://t.co/WUdg06H5dV pic.twitter.com/aTYExjx5xR— Valley Park School () June 3, 2024


Back to the Musicals rocks it, and if you’re not here, then you don’t even know it! pic.twitter.com/JyeJX3THla— Valley Park School () May 23, 2024


Tomorrow's exams are... pic.twitter.com/vdXmWx0R0C— Valley Park School () May 23, 2024


tickets are now available! Visit our website for info on each event, and book your places! https://t.co/2X6Pi73rbs pic.twitter.com/6Pq3UNHUG2— Valley Park School () May 23, 2024

The Transition Team - Who Are We?

Like any new beginnings, it’s always worrying when you don’t know what your ‘new school’ is going to be like – that’s why we run our Transition Project so you can send us examples of your masterpieces – in that way, we can learn a little about you, and you can get to know one another a bit more, too. 

What about our staff, though, what are they like?

Unfortunately, we can’t introduce you to everyone, because you would then be reading this for hours! However, we know it’s helpful to know who some of the most important people will be, so we have outlined some information for you below. 

For any Year 7 student, the pastoral team provides a vital support network, particularly in the early days, when secondary school is so different to primary school. For example, most Year 6 pupils experience school days that are centred around ‘their’ teacher and ‘their’ classroom, whereas at Valley Park, our students move around the school between lessons, so they can avail themselves of specialist equipment, laboratories and workshops.  

The pastoral team is the group of people which helps all this run smoothly, and they're led by Ms Walton - Deputy Headteacher, Mr Blyth - Senior Assistant Headteacher, Mr Sargent - Senior Assistant Headteacher and Lead DSL and Mr Kilner - Assistant Headteacher. It’s their job to make sure the pastoral side of school life runs smoothly and, in the coming months, that our new students are made to feel welcome and settled as quickly as possible. Mr Kilner is ably supported by the Head of Year 7 and Student Support Manager, who are the first port of call for any students or parents who have questions or concerns. 

Every morning, your child will meet with their form group and their form tutor. They will either have an assembly with their Head of Year or they will be engaged in tutor time activities. These activities will have a particular theme and they form part of our enrichment and Personal Development curriculum. There will be opportunities to become involved in our Student Voice, or with competitions, or just to meet new people and get to know them, which is so important when moving schools.

Your child’s form tutor will guide them through such new experiences as understanding their new timetable, knowing how to use their Homework Planner, finding their way around school and making new friends. They will also explain where to find our Health and Welfare Manager, and important matters, like what to do if your child feels unwell during the school day.

There are a few colleagues that your child might see around school more frequently than others, because they oversee the running of the whole school and will probably pop into lessons, especially in your child’s early days at the school. You might also see them if you drop your child to school. We thought it would be helpful to share some information about the Senior Team, so that you know who we are. Below you will find their welcome messages to you as you join our community.

Mrs Gunn - Executive Headteacher

Mrs Kim GunnMy name is Mrs Gunn, and I am the Executive Headteacher at Valley Park School. This means that I work with the Headteacher and the senior leadership team to give you all the best experiences, opportunities, and outcomes whilst you are part of our Valley community. I very much enjoy speaking to as many students as I can and will be popping into your lessons to see how you are progressing with your learning.

My favourite part about being part of the Valley Park community is the wonderful students and staff that we work with every day and seeing them flourish.

Mr Jones - Headteacher

Mr D JonesI am delighted to have the opportunity to introduce myself to you as the Headteacher of Valley Park School; I am here to support and guide you through your educational journey. As the Headteacher, my role is to ensure that Valley Park School provides the best possible learning environment for all students.

I work closely with our dedicated team of teachers and staff to enhance the quality of teaching and learning, foster a positive school culture, and create opportunities for student engagement.

I believe in the power of education to transform lives, and I am dedicated to supporting each and every one of you in reaching your full potential. I am here to listen, guide, and address any concerns or questions you may have. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me or any member of the school team if you have any questions or need support. I am here to help and support you every step of the way.

Ms Walton – Deputy Headteacher

Ms Katie WaltonMy name is Ms Walton, and I am one of the Deputy Headteachers at Valley Park School. It is my job to oversee your Pastoral Care and Behaviour. My main aim is that when you are in school, you are safe and happy, because if you are both things, then learning will come naturally. 

At Valley Park we follow three simple rules:  Ready, Respectful and Safe. It is these three things which mean that as a community we can all make sure that our time in school is one of the greatest adventures that we ever have! I love English and as it is my subject area, I can also be found discussing the latest books and authors that we are all studying – I can’t wait for you to get started on the English journey at Valley Park. 

In my view, Valley Park is one of the best schools – we are full of fantastic ideas to make sure that you time at school is the very best it can be:  Full of learning, full of great aspirations and full of opportunity.

Mr Blyth – Senior Assistant Headteacher

Mr R Blyth AHT Student DevelopmentHello, I’m Mr Blyth – I'm Senior Assistant Headteacher. I'm responsible for overseeing all lower school years, 7, 8 and 9 and working with each year team to make sure that all students in the lower school have an enjoyable, educational and enriching experience at Valley Park, It is also my job to make sure you know how to stay safe and to help you become responsible members of society. I also oversee and drive the entire schools attendance processes and enjoy supporting families with any concerns they may have so that we can best support you and your child with their attendance to school, helping to make it an enjoyable experience. 

I’m also a Music teacher, so you will see me playing in the school shows and in concerts, as well as conducting the choirs. I'm based in the Arts Centre and am looking forward to getting to know you all next year.  

Mr Sargent - Senior Assistant Headteacher

Mr D SargentHello, I’m Mr Sargent!  I’m a Senior Assistant Headteacher here at Valley Park and I ensure that we have the staff and procedures in place to best support you, our students. You’ll see a lot of me as you move throughout the school, so be sure to say “hello” and let me know how you are getting on.
I’m also Valley Park’s Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) which means I’m responsible for making sure everybody is safe and sound while we go about our lives in the Valley Park Community. Therefore, if your worried about anyone in our community, make sure you speak to me or one of the pastoral team to share these worries.

I’m very much looking forward to meeting you all and working with you over the years.

Mr Kilner – Assistant Headteacher

Mr M Kilner smallMy name is Mr Kilner and I am an Assistant Headteacher who oversees transition and Rewards. My role enables me to work closely with students in supporting them through their first couple of months and years at Valley Park School. Offering support to both students and parents allows me the opportunity to see students meet their personal goals daily.

With over 10 years in education, 2 Degrees, and a teaching specialism in Engineering and Design Technology, I can support students not only with their well-being, but with important life skills and ambitions.

One thing I really enjoy about working at Valley is the aspirations and dreams of the individual students and their aptitude in making their dreams come true. This passion is evident amongst all our years but speaking with your current year 7s they are constantly inspiring and insightful and always strive for their best.