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The house colours are finally here. pic.twitter.com/LH3CG0D7FE— Valley Park School () June 14, 2024


Tomorrow's exams are... pic.twitter.com/tbnNJiWeXr— Valley Park School () June 13, 2024


Arts Week 2024 is getting nearer - have you got your tickets yet? https://t.co/2X6Pi72TlU pic.twitter.com/bXNoNSoK5G— Valley Park School () June 13, 2024


Our Year 10 Performing Arts class absolutely smashed their Unit 1 exam! They performed numbers from Dear Evan Hanson & Come From Away. Mrs Austin is so proud of all of them! #wearevalleyparkperformingarts#smashedit pic.twitter.com/uKpYvuh2kQ— Valley Park School () June 13, 2024


Tomorrow's exams are... pic.twitter.com/bdQCiHzppx— Valley Park School () June 12, 2024


Tickets are available for our Year 5 Transition workshops next week, starting on Tuesday 18 June with Forensics, Speed Racers and Dippy Divers. Read more: https://t.co/BrPqsXr1vt pic.twitter.com/woYbk7Xmdd— Valley Park School () June 12, 2024


Tomorrow's exams are... pic.twitter.com/6tV6ZvbQLS— Valley Park School () June 11, 2024


The poster says it all...The Sixth Form Art Showcase is back.#wearevalleypark#wearevalleyparksixthform#wearevalleyparkartshowcase#artshowcase pic.twitter.com/cVAe6cFDxX— Valley Park School () June 10, 2024


Tomorrow's exams are... pic.twitter.com/rCY6TnCu8J— Valley Park School () June 10, 2024


In form time, Year 12 students added glazes to our DeCaf guests' pottery. We look forward to delivering these to them later this term. #DeCaf#dementiacafe#wearevalleyparkarts pic.twitter.com/DaWYNTWC1x— Valley Park School () June 10, 2024


On Friday 7 June, a crack team of year 8 students competed in a nationwide STEM challenge day at the University of Greenwich Medway campus. Read more: https://t.co/IzV8KKY2BU pic.twitter.com/x7nc50S6P9— Valley Park School () June 10, 2024


Valley Park School House Launch this week! What were the house names you selected? What colour is each house? What house will you be in? pic.twitter.com/M20H39qEJc— Valley Park School () June 10, 2024


Valley Park School House Lunch this week! What were the house names you selected? What colour is each house? What house will you be in? pic.twitter.com/Vr7mqVJeGB— Valley Park School () June 10, 2024


Tomorrow's exams are... pic.twitter.com/n8c1yNYGBw— Valley Park School () June 9, 2024


If a student’s attendance at the end of Term 5 was below 90% this means that they have missed at least 15 days or 75 hours of learning. pic.twitter.com/OgDwXCbxPZ— Valley Park School () June 9, 2024


Valley Park School House Lunch next week. What were the house names you selected? What colour is each house? What house will you be in? pic.twitter.com/ZzFFw7JVh3— Valley Park School () June 7, 2024


Tomorrow's exams are... pic.twitter.com/rAf9PJDWuL— Valley Park School () June 6, 2024


Tomorrow's exams are... pic.twitter.com/RzhXpF9W1T— Valley Park School () June 5, 2024


Our SHUSH (Second Hand Uniform SHop) is open tomorrow during Year 10 Parents evening between 4.30pm and 6.30pm. pic.twitter.com/xGq2hSWfoT— Valley Park School () June 5, 2024


Tomorrow's exams are... pic.twitter.com/CJKts374IA— Valley Park School () June 4, 2024


Tomorrow's exams are... pic.twitter.com/7MYrPWNvXk— Valley Park School () June 3, 2024


The Hamlet cast had a brilliant afternoon rehearsing for the RSC associate schools performance on 24 June. They met the production team & rehearsed their section in the Studio. We're so excited for the performance! Tickets available here: https://t.co/WUdg06H5dV pic.twitter.com/aTYExjx5xR— Valley Park School () June 3, 2024


Back to the Musicals rocks it, and if you’re not here, then you don’t even know it! pic.twitter.com/JyeJX3THla— Valley Park School () May 23, 2024


Tomorrow's exams are... pic.twitter.com/vdXmWx0R0C— Valley Park School () May 23, 2024


tickets are now available! Visit our website for info on each event, and book your places! https://t.co/2X6Pi73rbs pic.twitter.com/6Pq3UNHUG2— Valley Park School () May 23, 2024


When Valley Park Productions performed Andrew Lloyd Webber & Tim Rice's Evita, booth singer Kyle Siwek kept a backstage diary of his experience...

Evita Diary

Monday: Dress rehearsal

We gathered in the hall and the cast were given their costumes ready for the dress rehearsal. After the orchestra arrived, we began to rehearse. The musicians sounded amazing and both cast & crew sang their hearts out for their directors. While some things needed fixing, it was a real help to all the actors and crew.

Tuesday: First night

The company were buzzing with first night fever. After notes from Mr G, the audience filed in, costumes and make up were applied, and the first act began. During the interval, the traditional hot cross bun was eaten by myself & fellow booth singer, Tom Dixon.

The second act began with the iconic balcony scene. Evita, played by Nicole Kakel, was raised up on a hydraulic lift (cunningly disguised as a balcony) so she can address her citizens as the new First Lady of Argentina. 

One down, four to go!


As Costumes & make-up were once again applied, year six students from local primary schools assembled in the hall for the matinee performance, which was given with much enthusiasm by the cast. After a short break, the cast returned to prep themselves for the second performance of the day.

'Requiem' was performed with great energy to an (almost) packed house. The interval continued a little too long as the orchestra were late for the start of act two, but that just added to the audience's anticipation.

Three down, two to go!


After notes, I had to re-apply seat numbers to the racked seating (not going to pretend that was fun), and helped prepare goodie bags for VIP night. I sat down on my red stool, adjacent to the orchestra, ready to begin. The first act went incredibly well but the hot cross bun I ate during the interval was even better. Mmm!

The second act was performed with just as much gusto as the first and the VIPs were incredibly impressed.

Four down, only one left to go!


One of the cast member's mothers had made a cake for everyone involved in the show which was really delicious! After helping the cast get ready for the last performance, I swept the floor of the hall before sitting down on my red stool for the last time.

The first act was fantastic; the singing and orchestra sounded amazing. After the last interval, and my last hot cross bun, I readied myself to sing for the last balcony scene. 

Why does this have to end?

After a flawless second act, the audience cheered as the cast took their bows before going back stage. We cheered Mr Gleadall and give cards and flowers to the teachers. Everyone was so happy but incredibly sad that it was all over.

Mayor Moriarty's Missive

After VIP night, the Mayor of Maidstone, Councillor Daniel Moriarty, wrote to the school to express his thanks. Parts of his letter are quoted here...

The performance of Evita left me somewhat breathless, yet elated to have been there to witness such a spectacular performance that would not be out of place in the West End.

I thoroughly enjoyed the dancing, beautiful costumes, superb songs and singing voices, and the backdrop. A fantastic soundtrack, that is still stuck in my head, was really done justice by the strong singing voices of the cast. 

Everyone looked very comfortable on the stage and really gave their all taking on some powerful numbers.  It was that good I was convinced that it had to be a CD playing.

It was indeed a most enjoyable evening at the theatre.  I congratulate you all.  For me it will remain a fond memory of an evening I thoroughly enjoyed during my term as Mayor of Maidstone.