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Wishing you all a very safe and enjoyable summer break! Should you need to report anything of a safeguarding nature please refer to our safeguarding page - https://t.co/d4KoQn3W7J - or in emergencies, call 999.#wearevalleypark#wearevalleyparksafeguarding#enjoythesummer pic.twitter.com/NXliVAM8s6— Valley Park School () July 12, 2024


It's a double whammy for Deal House, as they not only won sports day with 1428 points, but also the House Cup! Those 77,449 positive points really paid off!#wearevalleypark#wearevalleyparkdealhouse#winners#itsabigdeal pic.twitter.com/T82p05SGyv— Valley Park School () July 12, 2024


Tickets are available on our website for the Scholarship Festival on 19 September, the Year 6 Open Morning Tours in October, and our Open Evening on 10 October: https://t.co/96JZSVe4rh pic.twitter.com/Z0lvByle1n— Valley Park School () July 11, 2024


It's all to play for on Monday! Which house will triumph? Don't forget your PE kits and your house colours to change into.#wearevalleyparksportsday#wearevalleyparkhousechampions pic.twitter.com/JtupnpFejD— Valley Park School () July 7, 2024


On Mon 24 June Mrs Hitch & Mrs Hare took the 13 members of Valley Park Shakespeare Society to the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury to perform Hamlet with the RSC. Read more: https://t.co/Yw0j1dAYJYGet tickets for Thursday's performance of Hamlet here: https://t.co/2X6Pi72TlU pic.twitter.com/fj6xiLNXg7— Valley Park School () July 3, 2024


Last chance to buy tickets for Fame - Tuesday and Wednesday of this week! https://t.co/2X6Pi72TlU #fame pic.twitter.com/2C9U0RLqmz— Valley Park School () July 1, 2024


Congratulations to the 13 performers who took to the stage at The Marlowe Theatre on Monday as part of the RSC Associate Schools programme production of Hamlet: Something Rotten. They were an absolute credit to Valley Park. #hamlet#somethingrotten pic.twitter.com/yOXzPFdSbs— Valley Park School () June 28, 2024


The next event in Arts Week 2024 is on Saturday 29 June on Valley Park field, and is the return of V in the Park, our perennial musical favourite. Get tickets now! https://t.co/2X6Pi72TlU pic.twitter.com/SX9eGVsr0w— Valley Park School () June 27, 2024


Last week's Year 5 workshops were very successful, including this one about Forensic Science.#wearevalleyparktransition#forensicscience pic.twitter.com/g08kVuqE2b— Valley Park School () June 27, 2024


Last chance to get tickets for Dance Extravaganza tomorrow evening! Don't miss this showcase for our talented dancers. https://t.co/2X6Pi72TlU pic.twitter.com/f5YFH6CIYM— Valley Park School () June 25, 2024


58% of Year 7-11 pupils who missed school at the start of the year went on to miss at least 10% of sessions across the whole academic year.- Fischer Family Trust#everylessoncounts pic.twitter.com/kb1XwfGm25— Valley Park School () June 23, 2024


Arts Week begins on Tuesday with Night at the Musicals at the Hazlitt Theatre, then it's Dance Extravaganza on Wednesday, with more treats coming on Saturday and the following week. Get your tickets now, and don't miss out!#wearevalleyparkartsweekhttps://t.co/2X6Pi72TlU pic.twitter.com/vbqjE3rQHV— Valley Park School () June 22, 2024


We are excited to see that the preparations for the upcoming VIAT Summer Concert have begun over at Invicta Grammar School. Our students are looking forward to showcasing their talent on Thursday, 27 June! pic.twitter.com/ajgfD5zhRf— Valley Park School () June 21, 2024


The annual Art Showcase is underway, and visitors are admiring the works on display pic.twitter.com/zjcy3SQA1d— Valley Park School () June 19, 2024


Tomorrow's exams are... pic.twitter.com/Hh1SKJDhsb— Valley Park School () June 19, 2024


Tomorrow's exams are... pic.twitter.com/Vw3H4wAEKc— Valley Park School () June 18, 2024


Don't forget - the annual Art Showcase is tomorrow - Wednesday 19 June - at Lower Grange Farm, from 6pm to 8pm! Don't miss it!#wearevalleyparkartshowcase#artshowcase pic.twitter.com/1fmSeg4Mcp— Valley Park School () June 18, 2024


Good luck, year 10!#wearevalleypark#exams pic.twitter.com/lYSvTdJCIp— Valley Park School () June 18, 2024


Tomorrow's exams are... pic.twitter.com/XyPcZfujci— Valley Park School () June 17, 2024


Tomorrow's exams are... pic.twitter.com/JfqA9uMRWq— Valley Park School () June 16, 2024


Struggling with school attendance? At Valley Park, our dedicated team is ready to assist you. Reach out via phone or email, and we will get back to you. pic.twitter.com/CbDz5ual7T— Valley Park School () June 16, 2024


The house colours are finally here. pic.twitter.com/LH3CG0D7FE— Valley Park School () June 14, 2024


Tomorrow's exams are... pic.twitter.com/tbnNJiWeXr— Valley Park School () June 13, 2024


Arts Week 2024 is getting nearer - have you got your tickets yet? https://t.co/2X6Pi72TlU pic.twitter.com/bXNoNSoK5G— Valley Park School () June 13, 2024


Our Year 10 Performing Arts class absolutely smashed their Unit 1 exam! They performed numbers from Dear Evan Hanson & Come From Away. Mrs Austin is so proud of all of them! #wearevalleyparkperformingarts#smashedit pic.twitter.com/uKpYvuh2kQ— Valley Park School () June 13, 2024


Year 11 Results 2023

We strive to create an environment that encourages our students to challenge themselves and reach their full potential. The GCSE outcomes we have witnessed this year are a reflection of the commitment and determination our students have shown in embracing these opportunities.

There was an increase in the percentage of 7+ grades achieved compared to last year;  our students in Art Graphics and Ceramics have achieved 100% success rate of 4+ grades. In Textiles, 94% of our students have achieved 4+ grades, while in Fine Art and Drama, 79% and 72% of students respectively have achieved the same level of success.

Notable student performances:

  • Shaza F , 1x D*, 3x 9, 3x 8, 1x 7, 1x 6
  • Volkan E , 2x D*, 1x 8, 2x 7, 4x 6
  • Annalise Y , 1x 9, 4x 8, 2x 7
  • Adam S , 1x D*, 2x 8, 3x 7, 1x 6
  • Adrienne D , 1x 9, 1x 8, 3x 7, 3x 6
  • Madelaine T , 1x 9, 1x 8, 2x 7, 4x 6
  • Hendrix T , 1x 9, 2x 7, 2x 6, 2x 5
  • Lily C , 2x 8, 6x 7, 1x 6 
  • David M , 2x 8, 5x 7, 2x 6
  • Claudia M , 2x 8, 2x 7, 2x 6, 2x 5
  • Jack B , 1x 8, 1x 7, 1x 6, 6, 5
  • Daniel K , 4x 7, 1x 6, 3x 5
  • Harley H , 2x 7, 4x 6, 3x 5

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Year 13 Results 2023

The outcomes for our top vocational qualifications have seen an increase in comparison to previous years, which is a testament to the dedication and hard work of both our students and staff. This achievement reflects the commitment of our school community to providing our students with the best opportunities to excel in their chosen vocational fields.

Furthermore, A-Level results are in line with the school’s pass rate of 2022 which is an outstanding accomplishment, considering the challenging circumstances and national context around the awarding of examination results this year. 

It is important to acknowledge the outstanding individual performances of several students who have truly excelled in their exams; most notably were Viktoria M (D*,D*, A, B, B), Ethan K (D*, D*, D*, D), Leo A (D*, D*, D, D), Evie F (D*, A*, B). These results are just a sample of some of the exceptional outcomes for many of our students. Their dedication and perseverance have been rewarded with exceptional grades, and they serve as an inspiration to their peers. We are immensely proud of their accomplishments and wish them all the best as they embark on the next chapter of their educational journey.

Our students have demonstrated resilience, determination, and a thirst for knowledge, which has undoubtedly contributed to their remarkable achievements. Students will be leaving Valley Park School to study at many of the top universities in the country, including University of Loughborough, BIMM Institute, University of Reading, Royal Holloway and University of Surrey. Similarly, following some excellent results, we have students who have been accepted onto prestigious apprenticeships, for example, Aerospace Engineering, Accountancy and Business Administration. 

The Headteacher of Valley Park School, David Jones stated: “In what has again been another challenging year for all of our young people, I am exceptionally proud of our students. They have continued to maintain positive attitudes and shown great resilience. We are incredibly proud of all that they have achieved both academically and socially as they have progressed into outstanding young people. I would also like to thank our committed teaching staff, who have gone above and beyond in providing excellent teaching, support and inspiration for our students. We wish all of our students well and are confident that they are on course to succeed at degree level, in their apprenticeships or employment.”

Notable student performances:

  • Viktoria M, D*, D*, A, B, B
  • Ethan K, D*, D*, D*, D
  • Leo A, D*, D*, D, D
  • Katlin B, D*, D, D, D 
  • Jess J, D, D, D, D
  • Evie F, D*, A*, B 
  • Katie N, D*, D*, B
  • Matthew S, D*, D*, B 
  • Darcie-May E, D*, D, D 
  • Nathan R, D*, D, D
  • Daisy J, D*, A, B 
  • Finn S, D*, D, B 
  • Oscar W, D*, B, B 
  • Hope K, A, A, M 
  • Lily C, A, A, C 
  • Isabel E, D, A, B 
  • Emilia W, D, D, B 
  • George B, D, B, B 
  • Luca P, A, B, B