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Welcome back to Cucina! We are so glad to have you back, providing us with lovely meals just like Tuesday’s chicken katsu and stir fry!


The first blog of the new term...


Retweeted From Valley Park School

Today is the day for another Covid LF test for our students, and we hope this is reassuring now that some restrictions have started to be lifted. Don’t forget to let us know your result - thank you!


Today is the day for another Covid LF test for our students, and we hope this is reassuring now that some restrictions have started to be lifted. Don’t forget to let us know your result - thank you!


Flashback to last week, when we had the pleasure of hosting the immunisation team... as always our students were exemplary in their attitudes towards the team and their immunisations. Thank you Mrs Jones for organising it all so well.


Retweeted From VIAT

Would you, or someone you know, like to train to teach?Come to one of our allocated sessions on Wednesday 30 June 2021, at the School of Science & Technology Maidstone, to find out about the courses that we offer through the Trust. More information here:


Retweeted From NHS

Parents and support bubbles of school children can now get rapid Covid-19 tests twice a week. Order yours now. Around 1 in 3 people who have Covid-19 have no symptoms, and could be spreading it without knowing.


Wishing our community a safe and happy break. Thank you for all your support this past term 😊


Would you like to join our friendly team? We are currently looking for Lead Practitioners in English, Mathematics, Computer Science, Business Studies and French (MFL), to start in September. You can read all the relevant information, and apply, here:


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Don’t forget, today is the day to test at home for our students. You have been sent a link through which you can report the result to us. Thank you for helping us to keep our school as safe as we can.


The weekly blog post from our headteacher is here...


Thank you, we are very proud of our performers! 👏👏👏


A new blog post: A Poem For Our Time:


Despite the challenges, our Year 9 students are continuing to work towards their Bronze awards. Take a look at some of the delicious dishes the students have been cooking up as part of learning a new skill!


Don’t forget, today is the day to test at home for our students. You have been sent a link through which you can report the result to us. Thank you for helping us to keep our school as safe as we can.


The Music department has organised a Spring Concert this Thursday at 4pm, live on YouTube:


It’s Census day tomorrow - students do you know why, and the part you play?


Thank you !


Don’t forget to donate your £2 for tomorrow’s non-uniform day!


A positive list from our headteacher this morning...


Our new virtual choir project is in aid of Comic Relief, and is a cover of the ELO classic, "Mr Blue Sky" - so like, share, and donate!


Rest-assured, no-one is leaving us, but it would be a great time for someone new join us at our wonderful school!


This is brilliant! Well done, Topaz class - we can’t wait to see you in the virtual flash mob!


How wonderful to see! Well done Amethyst, we can’t wait to see you in the flash mob!


Our Year 11 students have painted their feelings about what it’s like to be back at school... we know how you feel! 😊 Welcome back!


Have we become masters at expecting the unexpected?


A massive thank you from Miss Adkins and her students to the psychologists who gave up their time to talk with them last week. It’s been such a great opportunity for them to see how psychology is used “in the real world.”


Apologies - we sent out a new link over the weekend and will double-check that it’s okay again today.


Good morning. The daily LF test is currently not able to be used as an alternative to isolation, in the event that someone is identified as a close contact of someone with Covid-19.


We love the message conveyed here in this video from . We cannot wait to have our whole community together again, we’ve missed you!


What can double the chance of a child becoming good at reading?


If you have been inspired by this week’s activities you can download your own career action planner to help get you start planning your future.


Phew! Fortunately Teams is working as usual 😊


We have some IT network issues this morning and it will likely affect our live lessons, unfortunately. Our IT Team is working hard to fix the problem and we will let our families know what the impact is shortly. Apologies.


And we’re off! Join our auction on our YouTube channel right now! Good luck everyone... 🖼


has teamed up with to create an interactive What’s your story? activity booklet. It’s been designed to help primary school children discover more about careers in publishing but perfect for Y7 too. We love it!


programmes are happening this summer! Sign your teen up today to learn new skills, gain confidence, stay away from home and make a real difference this summer! Places are limited so don’t miss out. Visit


According to our Art Auction page there's only 8hrs 49mins 50secs, no wait, 8hrs 49mins 20secs, no wait... let's just say we're excited! What's more, professional artists Jack Durling and Mr Doodle have donated pieces - Have a look at our auction page:

Official Documents

ICT Acceptable Use Agreement

Valley Park School believes that effective use of ICT is essential in enhancing learning across the curriculum. Excellent use of ICT allows students to:

  • Learn in a way that relates to their recreational culture.
  • Utilise the power of multimedia and interactivity to learn and motivate.
  • Gain access to a wide range of resources and research.
  • Communicate easily with teachers, students and people outside the school.
  • Present work in a professional manner.
  • Develop innovation and problem-solving skills.
  • Overcome some additional educational needs.

Electronic technologies present a range of potential dangers for students and staff. As a result, this policy has been written to ensure that ICT is used effectively whilst minimising risk.

VPS e-Learning Agreement

Students and staff are advised and expected to take personal responsibility for their own use of electronic technologies both in and out of school. Before using any ICT equipment all students are expected to complete the Acceptable User Agreement and return it to the school. By signing this agreement students agree to abide by its rules. Should any of these rules be broken or there be any other cause for concern the school will take appropriate action. Where necessary the police and/or other authorities will be informed. Students are fully supported in understanding how misuse of technology can become very serious as well as guided to establish safe and productive working practices.

Use of Agreement

  • Students are expected to treat ICT equipment carefully and not act in any way that might cause damage.
  • Students are to use equipment for work purposes only, as directed by the relevant member of staff.
  • Students are to report any faults or damage found to an IT technician or Form Tutor.
  • Students must abide by the additional rules set out in the iPad scheme  agreement.

Use of eMail & Internet

  • Students must not search for, or display, any material considered illegal or offensive.
  • Students must not transmit or download files without the teacher’s permission.
  • Students must not undertake any deliberate act with the intent of avoiding network security procedures.
  • Students may only use approved e-mail accounts on the school system.
  • Students should immediately tell a teacher if they receive an offensive e-mail.
  • Students should not reveal personal details of themselves or others in e-mail communication, or arrange to meet anyone without specific permission.
  • E-mail should only be used for work/educational purposes; it should not be used for personal e-mail.
  • E-mail sent to an external organisation should be written carefully and authorised by a teacher before sending.
  • The forwarding of chain letters and the sending of offensive or inappropriate e-mail is not permitted.

Please note that students will be provided with guidance and support on the use of these technologies from their Computer Science teacher through regular e-safety lessons, as well as input on Focus Days.

Other e-Technologies

  • Video conferencing will only be used in lessons with the teacher’s permission.
  • Only files connected with student work will be stored on the network.


The school may exercise its right to monitor the use of the school’s information systems, including internet access, the interception of e-mail and the deletion of inappropriate materials where it believes unauthorised use of the school’s information system may be taking place, or the system may be being used for criminal purposes or for storing unauthorised or unlawful text, imagery or sound.

Home School Agreement

This section can be downloaded as a PDF.

Using e-learning brings learning right into the 21st century. It gives learners the opportunity to learn at their own pace, and for learning at home to be more structured and effective. We believe that e-learning will give every learner the opportunity to progress faster and achieve more. We also believe that it will help to strengthen relationships between home and school. 

We invite you to commit to the principles outlined in this agreement. When you have read this document please download a copy, sign and return it to school.


  • Failure to take reasonable care or to abide by the other conditions in this document may result in the iPad being reclaimed. The school reserves the right to claim financial recompense in such cases. 
  • The iPad and its software will remain the property of the school until the end of the loan period.
  • Ensure that the iPad, USB power adapter and lightning cable are returned either at the end of the 3 years or if the student leaves the school for whatever reason before then, or at any other time upon the request of a member of staff.

The school will:

  • Provide an iPad and protective case for your child for the length of the programme. 
  • Provide ongoing support for the iPad via the e-learning helpdesk. 
  • Ensure that the iPad is working and that repairs are dealt with as quickly and effectively as possible. Your child may be loaned an iPad, whilst their device is being repaired. If this device is returned damaged to the school, the school may look to recover the cost of the parts to repair the device. 
  • Ensure that the iPad is protected against computer viruses. 
  • Give learners a proper introduction to using and caring for the computer and the software. 
  • Provide an opportunity to understand e-safety and responsible use of the internet.

At home we will: 

  • Ensure that our child understands how to care for and protect their iPad. 
  • Report any faults, loss or damage (including accidental loss or damage) promptly. 
  • Make sure the iPad is not used for any illegal and/or anti-social purpose, including access to inappropriate Internet sites, apps and chat rooms. 
  • Pay an excess fee of £50 if requested by the school in the event of repeated accidental damage claims. 
  • Pay to replace the supplied USB adapter, lightning cable or protective case if damaged.  
  • Ensure that the iPad is charged overnight ready for use in school using the supplied iPad USB adapter and cable. 
  • Report any faults in hardware or software promptly. 

As a student I will: 

  • Look after my iPad very carefully at all times and never remove it from its protective case or remove the screen protector. 
  • Bring it to school every day, fully charged, using the supplied iPad USB adapter and cable, unless I have been told not to.  
  • Report any loss or damage (including accidental loss or damage) promptly. 
  • Report any faults in hardware or software promptly. 
  • Ensure the iPad is transported as securely as possible (e.g. not visible in a vehicle; not left unattended on a bus). 
  • Make sure the iPad is not subject to careless or malicious damage (e.g. as a result of horseplay). 
  • Take reasonable precautions to prevent the introduction of computer viruses. If in any doubt whether a virus has contaminated the iPad, I will report the matter before turning it on within the school’s Wi-Fi network. 
  • Not decorate or customise the iPad or its case, etc, and not allow it to be subject to graffiti. 

Virtual Learning Agreement

This section can be downloaded as a PDF.

As virtual learning is increasingly becoming part of the educational experience for our students, we have outlined below the measures that we are taking to ensure that virtual lessons are conducted in a rigorous and safe way.

As of November 2020, our primary virtual learning platform is Microsoft Teams. This should be students’ first port of call. 


  • Students will attend their virtual lesson at its normally-timetabled time and will remain for the full hour. If the student is not present at this time without good reason, they may not receive guidance and feedback on their classwork from the teacher.
  • Students must participate in virtual lessons as they would in the classroom (e.g. responding to teacher questioning).
  • Students must show their work to the teacher when this is requested, either via camera or by uploading a picture of their classwork to the appropriate virtual learning platform.
  • Students must report any technical issues to the relevant teachers and the IT Support team immediately.
  • Virtual lessons will only take place on school-approved platforms, using school email accounts for both students and staff.


  • If a student is conducting themselves in an inappropriate manner, a verbal warning will be issued as per the normal school behaviour policy.
  • Should poor conduct persist, instead of an ‘exit’ the student will be muted and (if relevant) have their camera switched off by the teacher for a period of up to five minutes. 
  • Should poor conduct persist after both of these measures have been taken, the student may be ejected from the lesson. A letter will then be sent home. 

Safeguarding (students):

  • Students will not attend virtual lessons from any public place and should attend at their usual place of residence or a family home.
  • Students must dress appropriately for virtual lessons.
  • Parents, carers and other family members will not participate in lesson discussions with the teacher or other students.
  • Students are encouraged to appear on camera (as this improves the learning experience) unless requested to keep cameras off by the teacher. Students will blur their background or select an alternative background when on camera.
  • Students will mute their microphones unless speaking to the teacher.
  • Students must not record any part of their virtual lessons; this may only be done by a member of staff if deemed necessary to help students who are absent from the lesson.
  • During virtual lessons, students will not share private information and should report seeing or hearing anything upsetting or inappropriate to the teacher immediately.
  • Students must leave the virtual lesson promptly when directed by the member of staff and should not remain behind once the lesson has ended.

Safeguarding (staff):

  • Video and audio streaming only needs to be used when important to the learning, and does not need to be used throughout the entire lesson. This is at the discretion of the teacher. However, it is an expectation that the teacher is teaching the lesson ‘live’ via an online learning platform for the full hour.
  • Staff must dress appropriately for virtual lessons.
  • If not on the school site, as far as possible teachers will remain in a neutral area where nothing personal or inappropriate can be seen or heard in the background. At times (e.g. in case of the need to look after small children) this may not be possible. In these cases it may be preferable for teachers to blur their background or select an alternative background, or to remain muted when not addressing the class. This is at the teacher’s discretion.
  • Teachers will not leave the virtual lesson until all students have left.
  • Staff will not have one-on-one video or audio meetings with students unless another member of staff is present (either in person or virtually). If this is unavoidable or if a 1:1 meeting is necessary (e.g. for mentoring), it is advisable to record the meeting for the safeguarding of both parties.

We presume consent to virtual lessons as the government has stressed the importance of virtual learning in continuing students’ education during periods where it is not possible for them to come into school. However, if you do not wish your child to participate on camera, please email with your email marked for the attention of Mr Duncan, so that your concern can be logged and class teachers can be made aware of which students will participate via audio and/or text only.

Media Image Consent

We may take photographs and/or record audio visual files of the children at Valley Park, to showcase their talents and record events with which they are involved. 

We may use these images in our school’s prospectus or in other printed publications; we may share via our social media channels, or via our website.  

Videoconferencing recordings made be made from time to time for the purposes of monitoring or for working with other educational establishments. Additionally, a number of subjects use video footage as assessment evidence.

From time to time the school may be visited by the media who may take photographs or video footage. 

Students will often appear in these images which may be included in local or national newspapers, on online news sites, or on televised news programmes.

To comply with the GDPR of 1998, we need your permission before we can photograph or make any recordings of your child. The storage of any recordings or photographs will be in line with this legislation.

Data Protection