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Important - Acceptable Use Policy

Valley Park School has an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) which covers the use of all computer and network equipment. This equipment is for school work only. Any use of this equipment that could harm Valley Park School or it's employees or students is against this policy. You must not send, receive, access or create any material likely to offend or upset another user. This includes sexually explicit, racial, homophobic, pornographic, suggestive, confidential or illegal material. Anyone who breaks this policy will be subject to disciplinary action. If you do not understand the information contained in this policy and you are a student, ask your teacher. Any staff member who is unsure of the policy should contact a member of the Senior Leadership Team or Head of Computer Science.

Student Resources

Extra-Curricular Activities Programme  | Encyclopedia Britannica | Art Grade Descriptors iBook/PDF | Year 11 Revision Guide | Library System | Encyclopedia Britannica

Year 7

Office 365 Portal and Email

Examinations Information

Name Date File Size  
6.3 No Mobile Phones poster 19th Nov 201338 KB Download
6.4 Information for candidates (written... 19th Nov 201329 KB Download
6.5 Information for candidates (onscreen... 19th Nov 2013122 KB Download
6.6 Warning to Candidates 19th Nov 2013110 KB Download

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