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Miss Saigon

2013's Summer spectacular was ‘Miss Saigon’, and Park Life reporter Jake Fillery donned his press badge and went to see it.


‘Miss Saigon’ was an excellent show; professionally produced by the students and staff involved. The singing was amazing and I was impressed by the large scale of this heart-stopping production. The costumes were cleverly designed and the lighting enhanced the dramatic tension throughout.

The audience cheered and gasped as a helicopter appeared on the stage - I was stunned by how well built it was.The acting was superb; everyone remembered their lines and the cast pulled off the performance of a lifetime. 

Mr Gleadall, who directed the show, said, ‘The cast & crew were a fantastic group of people to work with. Talented, focused and totally committed to the success of the show. I am sure that our production of ‘Miss Saigon’ will be remembered by all involved in it and all who saw it, for a very long time.’

Jake wasn’t the only reporter to enjoy the show; John Munson wrote a review for the Downs Mail, but was so impressed by the show he considered their 200 word limit not enough to expound his appreciation, so he sent us a letter. He wrote:

‘From the energetic, raunchy realism of the first scene in the bar, we knew that we were in for a very high quality show. The chorus were almost unbelievably brilliant... It was so easy to believe the love between Kim and Chris... I almost felt like an intruder. From Kim’s first song in her white dress, she really did tug at the heart-strings... Chomba Taulo was also memorable... the scene where he sang about the children left behind was most moving... Choreography was terrific... Orchestra & musical direction, difficult to fault... That helicopter! Excellent... What more can I say?’



Two Miss Saigon masterclasses were held by cast members of the original West End production, leading up to our Hazlitt Theatre run of the show. Claire Moore, who played Ellen, and Peter Polycarpou, who played John, came in to inspire and encourage our hard working students. Afterwards, Claire Moore sent us these fabulous words of thanks:

'Having created the role of Ellen in the original production at Drury Lane, this show is one very close to my heart. I can honestly say that I was truly impressed and inspired by these young students; principals and ensemble alike (not to mention their amazing teachers!), who are performing with such maturity. It is a really hard show – a demanding ‘sing’ from everyone, and a real emotional journey – and I hope they have the huge success they deserve.'