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Trump ticks off teachers!

March 16th, 2017

Although Donald Trump has become president of the United States of America, not everybody agrees with his views and actions. We interviewed teachers at Valley Park School about Donald Trump and how he treats groups of people in America.


Drama teacher, Mrs Hitch, has some very strong views on this matter. We asked her how she feels about Trump's views towards the LGBT community. She seemed very concerned about the matter, but was comfortable talking about it. 'I think it's very worrying,' she said. 'America has made big progress in legalising gay marriage and becoming a country where it's normalised and homophobia is not acceptable, and I think he's going to make things go backwards.'


We also interviewed Science teacher, Mr Karas, about the matter. He was not expecting the result and was very shocked. 'I was taken by surprise by the whole Donald Trump presidency,' he told us. 'I thought it was a joke when I first heard it!'


We then talked to Mathematics teacher, Miss Brennan. She wasn't that interested in Donald Trump, or the whole story regarding how he came to power, but despite this she still had views on his presidency. 'There's a lot of things he said in the past - when he was going through his campaign - that I thought were absolutely appalling,' she said.

Overall, there is a negative attitude at Valley Park School towards the new president of the USA, Donald Trump. How long will he last? One thing's for certain; Trump is not a popular man!

By Matthew, Eleanor, Alfie, Georgina, Abigail and Freya

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