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London Drives Theatre To Kent School.

March 16th, 2017

thet1Valley Park has been lucky enough to have a theatre donated to them from the Tricycle Theatre in London, which is currently in storage at one of the schools in our Trust, The Lenham School, (formerly known as Swadelands).

'It’s an honour to have been offered this opportunity,' said Deputy Head, Mr Gleadall, who revealed to us that the planned date of arrival is for September 2018.

This 'big project' might be hard work, but it will definitely be worth it, as it offers lots of opportunities to staff and students. Everyone here at Valley Park is delighted.

We asked students how they felt about the upcoming changes. One student explained how serious Valley Park is about Performing Arts and how much the new theatre means to staff and students. 'The theatre is a very professional thing to have at our school,' he said, 'and will open up more opportunities for our productions. It will  improve the level of professionalism in our productions and improve space and organisation backstage. It's obvious how beneficial the theatre is going to be to our school community.'

But it's not only the students that are excited. Music teacher, Mr Earl, believes that this theatre will mean we no longer need to use the Hazlitt Theatre in Maidstone for our Summer productions. 'Having a theatre here will open up so many more opportunities,' he said, 'and it will be fantastic to have a real theatre with dressing rooms which will heighten the space for more props.'


Students at Valley Park cannot wait to see the theatre arrive and be placed into our current gym. Staff are ecstatic to witness the arrival of the new theatre and believe it will bring so many more opportunities and improvement to Valley Park School. We think it’s an honour, and we are very thankful for the Tricycle Theatre to have donated this extraordinary theatre.

By Georgie and Phoebe 

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