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Sport in Valley Park School

March 16th, 2017

sport1We have a whole range of different sports at Valley Park School, ranging from football to table tennis. Today Oli, Jake, Samuel and Elliot demonstrated how to use them all and how much you can learn, as well as the amount of fun you can have with it. The gym is used for basketball, fitness, table tennis, and much more. All our students use this facility; it’s a fantastic area for everyone to enjoy.


Our 3G ‘all weather pitch’ is mainly used for football, but students also play rugby, frisbee and more. Students showed the skills they've acquired over time. Having this pitch boosts their abilities. They also showed us the netball courts, which is also used for basketball. We took some footage of them using the courts. They sure did get some good shots in!


The media often claims that teenagers are lazy. However, we would argue this isn’t true because we have been offered all these facilities and we use them in the right way.

There are playing fields all over Valley Park. We have 5 full-sized rugby pitches and our rugby team participates in tournaments. If we didn’t have these facilities, the school wouldn’t be as well known for its sports and we would be less active.

Valley Park School has incredible sporting resources and amazing places for students to practice and get better at what they want to achieve.

By Elliot, Oli, Jake and Samuel 

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