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Is Sexism In Your Everyday Life?

March 16th, 2017

Although the world has evolved from the mindset of male supremacy, sexism is still a relevant issue in today's society. We believe that the problem of sexism needs more awareness and recognition. Sexism affects men and women from the workplace to the school grounds. Feminism is a topic we are seeing frequently in the news. For example, the women's march in Washington DC. Our team of BBC school reporters decided to investigate the issue to gather opinions about sexism and whether it affects school life.

We interviewed Miss Best, a Valley Park PE teacher, whose thoughts on sexism focused on sports teams and students’ day to day lives. 'Sometimes the boys don't want to play sports like netball and rounders because they think these sports are for girls,' she said, 'and the same goes for girls about rugby and football.We then asked Miss Best how gender segregation could be overcome in school sports, to which she responded, “we could start off with mixed PE, then everyone would be equal.”

We also interviewed one Valley Park student, Jess, who believes in equality and is a feminist herself. Jess defines sexism as 'being discriminated by the other gender.' Jess believes men are affected by sexism. 'Mental health issues are what they suffer from such as depression. The thought of men having to be strong and the alpha male puts pressure on them. We could make people more aware of the issues by putting them in others’ shoes who suffer from it.' 

Jess believes that it is important to know about sexism. 'We can finally achieve equality,' she said, 'and not reaching our end goal would affect everyone, especially in school.'

How do you think the issue of sexism is dealt with in your school?

By Loren, Charlotte, Bibi and Jameel

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