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Mental Health On The Rise

March 16th, 2017

Did you know that 1 in 4 of us will have a Mental Health Condition? Mental Health is a rising issue among the younger generation but how are young people with Mental Health issues being supported in schools? Mrs Jones; the Health and Welfare Manager at Valley Park School, explained that they have ‘several procedures in place in school such as student support mentoring; health and welfare mentoring and a Clinical Psychologist who comes into school each week.’ Mrs Jones expressed that Valley Park is doing ‘everything they can to ensure that students’ mental health is being supported in the best way possible.’ It is clear that the school are doing everything it can to support all levels of Mental Health issues, by ensuring that all students feel safe and happy in school. Mrs Jones also runs one to one mentoring sessions with students and also students are supported with issues that they may not receive help with outside of school.

When supporting students with various levels of anxiety; some students are able to go and visit Mrs Jones during lesson time if they feel they cannot cope in a lesson. Mrs Jones explained that working in a smaller environment is crucial to some students as it enables them to feel comfortable. Students that suffer from depression and other severe Mental Health issues are able to meet with the Clinical Psychologist that visits the school weekly. Valley Park School has many different supports available to young people with anxiety, depression or other Mental Health issues these include: distraction technique and various breathing exercises. It is clear that these strategies are fundamental to support a young person living with a Mental Health.

Shockingly, 1 in 4 young people lives with a Mental Health issue. Many older people are sometimes unable to understand what goes through a young person’s mind because sometimes older people cannot relate and understand young people. 70% of young people and children suffer from Mental Health issues but aren't provided with sufficient help. This has worsened over the last 30 years as the advancement in Technology and Social Media which influences young people's minds.


Written By Alex and Lana

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