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Does Social Media, School and Celebrities affect teenagers’self esteem?

March 16th, 2017

In the 21st century, body image has become a huge concern. Nowadays, teenage girls are practising using expensive makeup to contour their faces and teenage boys are working out to earn muscle, this is a sensitive subject as it's all down to‘self-esteem.’

At Valley Park School, we interviewed students and teachers to see if our school policy and social media affects young people’s self esteem. It is clear that teachers do agree with students being allowed to wear makeup, however it has to comply with the school rules; this is because it's true when people say ‘you have to look good to feel good.’On the other hand, teenage boys are similar to girls; as they are affected as much as girls are. Social medias such as: Instagram; Twitter; Facebook and Instagram all provide our community with images of ‘bold muscles’ and ‘pretty faces’, something that is contributing to young people’s issues regarding self esteem.

While interviewing Miss Johnson, we have found out her separate views on the school rules and her experiences. These include her talking about how she, as a teacher, enjoys wearing makeup to work to help improve her confidence and help her feel better about herself. She expresses her views on teenagers waking up earlier and putting in the effort to look good for school.

Teenagers’ role models are being photoshopped, airbrushed and plastered with makeup; in order for them to seem perfect- which lowers the self-esteem of the younger generation, making them feel as if they have to do the same in order to look good. Many solutions are offered throughout our interviews to helping body image issues, such as having more focus days about individuality and having support groups that people can talk to. Teenage boys especially may feel as if they can't speak out about their problems but that is not the case. Many companies are offering support to the younger generation, and the media are using less and less photoshop to try and ensure teenagers have the most confidence in themselves.

We also interviewed a six former and a student from Valley Park School, they had quite similar views about what they thought about body image and the school's regulations for every student. They were both asked the same questions and thought that wearing too much makeup and how we dressed wasn't really a big deal and doesn't affect their education however they also agreed with a few of Miss Johnson’s views that young girls and boys do sometimes have some very serious body issues and something needs to be done about it, which is why being allowed to wear minimal makeup can help with this; to let people feel better about the way they look.

In conclusion, we found that people's options were different due to gender, age and whether or not they were a pupil or a teacher. If they were a boy they were not bothered about wearing makeup and the rules surrounding fashion statements. However, the two boys that we interviewed both had problems with their body image and were also less open about it and the teacher; Miss Johnson that we interviewed was open about her struggles as being a woman and the impacts of body image on her as a female. However, Miss Johnson did agree that the school rules were necessary because Valley Park School are preparing young people for the future. 

By Zanele, Eva, Megan and Caitlin


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