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Applications to be submitted by October 31 2019

What is the Scholarship Programme?

The programme offers another route to gaining a place at Valley Park School for children who do not meet our other admissions criteria. We offer 24 student places each year to children who demonstrate an aptitude for Music, Performing Arts or Art & Design. There are eight places per scholarship subject. Further places are available on the programme for children who have gained their place at Valley Park School through our other admissions criteria (round 2 applications).

Who can apply?

Any parents or carers whose child is applying for a place at Valley Park School for September 2020, providing that their child can demonstrate an aptitude for one of the three scholarship subjects.

How do you assess aptitude?

Prospective scholars are invited to an assessment day where they participate in workshops with each other and existing students at the school. The second part of the day is an individual assessment with the scholarship panel which comprises members of the school’s Creative Arts team and an independent assessor. Full details of what is required for the assessment can be found in the Notes for Guidance booklet.

What does the school offer as part of the Scholarship programme?

The programme offers a wide range of enhanced learning opportunities to our scholars. These currently include instrumental tuition in two instruments for Music scholars, Art resources packs and portfolios for Art & Design scholars and Alexander Technique lessons for Performing Arts scholars. There is also a Scholars’ Day programme, which provides all scholars with masterclasses from visiting professionals.

What does the school expect of its scholars in return?

Scholars must make a minimum commitment of two hours per week to extra-curricular activities within their scholarship subject and to be an ambassador for the Scholarship Programme in all areas of school life.

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