Students, parents and staff are celebrating another record set of A-level results. 131 students sat examinations in year 13 with 57% of the grades achieved at A and A*. The A*-C pass rate is an impressive 87%.


Notable high performers are:

Daniel Greenhead (A,A,A)

Lucy Kitney (A*,A*,B)

Mathew Porter (A*,A,A,B) 

Craig Barden (A*,A*,A*,A,A)

Alisha Bell (A*,A*,A*,A) 

Isabelle O’Nion (A*,A*,B) 

Amy Reed (A*,A*,C) 

Lauren Apperley (A*,A*,A) 

Jack Cutler (A*,A*,A) 

Ellie Harber-Russell (A*,A*,A*) 

Natlie Hatfull (A*,A*,A*,A) 

Katie Haylor (A*,A*,A*) 

Neil Martin (A*,A*) 

Charlotte Maxwell (A*,A*)

Kozeto  Osmani (A*,A*)

Luke Rayner (A*,A*,A,B) 

Shanon Rupacha (A*,A*,A) 

Solomon Taiwo (A*,A*).

'This is an outstanding set of results with records broken across the board,' Headteacher Vic Ashdown commented. 'We are thrilled for our students and their families who will be celebrating many fantastic individual successes whilst planning for exciting futures in September.'