Entente Cordiale

On Thursday 28 April, students from Collège Pellerin in Beavais, France came to Valley Park School to spend the day with Year 8 students and their pen pals…

Freeze Frames

Arriving by coach at 9.00am, students watched Shakespeare performances by year 12 Drama students. After this, they were inspired to worked in groups to create freeze frames from Macbeth, led by Year 8 groups. 


At 10.00am they had Music and Drama classes and produced a 30 second advert on iPads designed to sell an item from their bags. They came up with some brilliant slogans in French and English, with music to accompany, and at 11:20am pen pals joined year 8 for a Rounders match up on the field, lead by Mr Fricker, Mr Karas and Miss Snape.

Marshmallows & Pasta

At 12:20pm more French pen pals joined students to partake in a number of activities to test their language skills. There were quizzes, interviews and a competition to see which group could build the highest tower out of marshmallows and pasta. 

‘It was certainly the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life,’ said year 8 student Pella Argiriov, ‘especially trying to get it secure and stop it toppling over!’

Afternoon Tea

At lunchtime, students were invited to the Gallery for afternoon tea with their pen pals. ‘We had typical English finger sandwiches and scones which looked and tasted divine,’ said Pella. 


School tours were given throughout the day. Pen pals were given sheets with questions about the school, and Valley Park tour guides took them round the school to help them answer the questions. French and English language skills were put to the test to achieve the mission!


‘When I met my pen pal for the first time,’ said Pella, ‘I felt so overwhelmed to see them in real life. I really enjoyed getting to know more about her.  The overall reaction when we all went down the Gallery to meet our pen pals was shock and excitement.’ 


‘I think that one of the most obvious difficulties was the language barrier as there were moments when there were awkward silences and other moments when you couldn’t stop talking to them.  The most interesting part for me was touring Valley Park and comparing how big their school is to ours and how different it is.’

Huge Success

‘The whole day was a huge success and I would love to do it all over again,’ concluded Pella. ‘We thoroughly enjoyed themselves - it will be a day to remember for a long time.’