IBM Visit

On 12 February, the International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) came to Valley Park School to work with computing and ICT students… 


The day started with a presentation by IBM apprentices. ‘We were given an overview of the possibilities that come with doing an apprenticeship at IBM,’ said year 12 student Inas Zadi. ’It made us realise that university wasn’t the only way into the computing and IT world’.

Logic Problems

After the presentation, students were divided into groups of five to do teamwork activities. ‘Our first task was to observe and evaluate the methods which other groups used to solve a worded logic problem, before having a go at it ourselves,’ said year 12 student, Smriti Gurung. ‘This was a good way to become comfortable with our group and also to give us an insight into the type of entry tests IBM requires.’

Entrance Exam

The task was followed by an example of an entrance exam which would be given to potential IBM apprentices before getting accepted. ‘It was interesting to see the types of questions that we were being asked and compare our scores with each other,’ continued Inas. ‘We were then given a breakdown of the types of things IBM does.’


‘We were then given various scenarios,’ said Smriti. ‘My group’s scenario was that someone had woken up and wanted to use their car but encountered an issue; how could this have been prevented and using what technology? From this, we created a presentation to deliver to the rest of the group.’

Different angles

At regular intervals, students were asked how they had reached their conclusions and if there were any alternative ways to tackle their problems. ‘It made us look at the problem from different angles,’ said Inas, ‘which is an important skill for the subject area.’

Team Opinion

Following this activity, students were given a new logic problem to work on, this time producing both a personal opinion as well as a team opinion on the task. ‘This activity helped both of us to develop our team working skills as well as create a discussion with our fellow peers,’ said Smitri.


The day ended with a final presentation which went into more detail about apprenticeships at IBM. ’The day helped us expand our team working, problem solving, and communication skills,’ concluded Smitri. ‘It gave us a good idea about what skills would be necessary to work with IBM and generally in the IT business.’

Thanks to Inas Zadi and Smriti Gurung



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