Cas Holmes workshop

Art scholars from Years 7 and 9 participated in a workshop led by local textile artist Cas Holmes, who has exhibited pieces in public and private collections around the world. The workshop was based on some of her personal approaches to creating mix media e.g. ‘Momigami’ a Japanese technique of paper kneading.
Scholars combined paper, textiles and stitch to create an individual panel based on collected treasures. They enjoyed tearing pages from gardening magazines and scrunching the pages up in their hands, and made rubbings using wax crayons. The papers were then torn, placed and machined onto a square panel. Scholars used sewing machines to achieve different stitched effects on their panel. Finally, they embellished their work with a range of traditional hand stitches to add further decoration.
‘I enjoyed the workshop as we used media in a very unique way,’ said year 9 scholar, Holly Clare. ‘We screwed up paper and applied oil on our hands to crease the paper more easily.’
‘It was interesting to learn the different things we could do with paper,’ added year 9 student Izzy Kemp, ‘and it was cool using the momigami technique.’
Year 9 student Faye Littlewood-Tribe also enjoyed using the Momigami technique. ‘It was different to the sort of things I had done before,’ she said. ‘I plan to use it for work technique in the future to create a textiles piece.’
Pieces from this workshop can be viewed at the Scholars Art Exhibition held in the gallery on Wednesday 14 April.