Ceramics workshop inspires art scholars

Art scholars from years 7 and 10 attended a ceramics workshop…

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Marie Prett demonstrates her ceramic skills for art scholars.

Local ceramics artist, Marie Prett, explained how she creates her works of art and how she became successful in the ceramics industry in a workshop for our art scholars.

She demonstrated how she uses grey stoneware clay to create her pinch pot sculptures, and told scholars the secret to becoming a famous artist. ‘Keep creating good quality work in the same style as you started, and you’ll get recognised eventually,’ she said.

Marie Prett graduated in Ceramics at Rochester College, then started creating small ceramic dogs and cats for local fairs. Her most commercially successful work are her small costumed dogs.

Marie was impressed with our ceramics studio, too. ‘I’ve never seen a school with such exciting, experimental large scale models,’ she said. ‘It’s just fantastic to see that the students are creating such wonderful work.’

‘It was a real treat to have Marie Prett visit us,’ said ceramics teacher, Miss Ryman. ‘Her work really inspired the scholars to produce their own versions in her style.’

To see some of Marie Prett’s work, go to her website.

Article by Thomas Dixon

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