Students are taking part in a Readathon to raise money for seriously ill children across the UK… 


Students are being sponsored to read as many books as they possibly can during the term to support three charities: 'Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity', 'Together for Short Lives' and 'Clic Sargent'. The money raised will go towards buying books and supplying special readers to children in hospitals. 

Students from 7F1 supported the cause by taking part in a video to promote the Readathon, which was shown in assemblies for years 7 & 8

'The Readathon video was very interesting as I had never done anything like it before,' said year 7 student, Tailie Scales. 'It took lots of takes because people kept forgetting their lines! It took me about two takes to get mine right because I couldn't pronounce some of the words in my paragraph. But it was all worth it because in the end it turned out to be a pretty good video.'

Readathon gives students an opportunity to immerse themselves in a fantasy world of the written word. The best part of readathon is that you can choose anything at all: books, e-books, fact, faction, graphic novels, comic books, your favourite autobiography or even magazines. It gives students a chance to challenge themselves and discover new genres. It might even inspire them to read something out of their comfort zone. 

Students have been given until the last day of term to collect as many sponsors as they can. They are many ways to pay – online, or by cash or cheque (make sure your cheques are addressed to readathon). We are looking forward to seeing many of them getting involved.


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