Making Churchill proud

On the sunniest day of the year so far, five year 12 students headed to Chartwell to take part in the Winston Churchill Public Speaking Competition...

Held at Chartwell, Churchill’s beloved home, the competition is a chance to show off oration and speech-writing skills. 

Introduced powerfully by Pedro Zbutea as chairman, Valley Park began their contribution by introducing the rest of the team: Taslima Miah, Jessica Jasper, Adron Kabuye and Kimberly Pendeke. Pedro went on to motivate and inspire the audience, adding his own take on Churchill’s mantra and courageous approach to life. He certainly left a lasting impression!

The team’s main speaker, Taslima, delivered a powerful discourse on the Churchill quote: ‘Criticism is easy; achievement is difficult’. In her speech, she argued that while criticism is something we cannot get away from (even celebrities and academics), true achievement can actually come of rising above negative comments and focusing on successes.

Rebecca Adlington, Stephen Hawking, Churchill himself and the entire team were used as examples of those who have strived to achieve in the face of criticism – even, as Taslima wryly pointed out, the criticism they would receive that day!

Overall, the team delivered a highly impressive and clearly audible performance. This was seconded by the judges and from the many compliments received from the audience.

Although Valley Park did not win this time, the team were confident that they truly put in an impressive, unique and memorable performance.