Word Weavers

Students from year 9 discovered just how long it takes to get a book published…


During the 2013/2014 school year, the English department had year 8 students feverishly writing for a national competition with Young Writers. 

Today, the nineteen students who were successful, now all in year 9, gathered in our new Library to be presented with a copy of the book, entitled ‘Word Weavers'.

The book will be kept in the British Library and other libraries across the UK.

‘Our students continually amaze me with their creativity & imagination,’ said Assistant Headteacher, Mrs Houlihan, who presented them with their books. We want them to learn how successful they can be through dedication, hard work and effort. As a collective, we have a powerful voice and our students deserve to be heard. Congratulations to everyone; may you continue to be inspired to write, read and create.'