Holocaust Drama

Year 12 Drama students performed a very special piece of theatre during Focus Day on Thursday...

For their Drama unit, "Education in Theatre", Year 12 Drama students were tasked with creating a fresh theatrical piece representing the events of the Holocaust, including events leading up to it. They explored the effects Jewish discrimination had on families, life in the concentration camps, and added haunting real-life holocaust survivor testimonies into their performance. 

'We knew this was an incredibly sensitive area of History', said Craig Barden, one of the performers in the Focus Day event, ‘so we were under pressure to achieve a respectful portrayal.’ 

Year 10 History students are studying the subject as part of their History GCSE, so they found the performance very useful.

'Feedback from the year 10 students was especially satisfying,’ said Craig. ‘They told us they felt like they learned a lot in a short space of time.’

'Educating people on the events of the holocaust is more important than ever,’ he added, ‘because as has often been said, if we don’t learn from history, we’ll be doomed to repeat it.'