Swashbuckling Swordfighters

Flaming-ZA fight choreographer came to Valley Park School to teach students how to buckle their swashes in preparation for the next Valley Park Production, Zorro, which takes place in February 2015.

Mr Andrews developed a love of swordplay when he competed at county-level fencing as a schoolboy, and spent two years with Stunt Action Specialists, a display team performing live stunt shows all over the country. 

'I have been teaching fights to schools and theatres for around 20 years and can honestly say that your students were amongst the politest, keenest and most able I have come across,’ he said. 'They were really quick learners and very focused, and I'm sure that this will lead to a really great show.’ 


Mr Andrews has agreed to pay a return visit to Valley Park shortly before the show begins, to see how students are progressing, and will help to provide some finesse to the fight scenes.