Focus: Holocaust Survivor speaks to History Students

Janine WebberTolerance

On Wednesday 9 October 2013, as part of Valley Park’s Focus Day activities, Year 10 and Year 13 History students were privileged to listen to Janine Webber, a holocaust survivor from Lvov (now the Ukrainian Lviv). Janine gave them a clear understanding of the Holocaust and what it was like to live through it. Her main aim was to spread a message of tolerance and acceptance. Whilst the day was themed around Janine’s story, carefully prepared workshops gave the students background information on anti-Semitism, the Nazis and the Holocaust in general.


Janine’s talk was the real centrepiece of the unit, which students are studying in their scheme of work. The story of her parents’ deaths, along with her grandmother and brother was very moving. It allowed students to understand the way of life millions of Jews faced during World War Two. Students were also able to relate this to modern day events, such as the Syrian crisis and Afghanistan.


Students finished by reflecting of the day’s learning and what they thought of Janine’s story. Many said she was brave, whilst other students said it had taught them to respect others and helped them to realise there is always someone worse off. Year 13 A-Level History students were especially enthused by Janine’s inspirational words.

The History department would like to thank Janine Webber for her poignant message of tolerance.