Results day 3 df


Valley Park School, its students and their parents are in celebratory spirits this morning, having received 87% of grades at grade C and above - a record 47% being the very top grades.  Three quarters of vocational results were at Distinction or Distinction* and 83% of students are already in a position to take up their place at university.

Against the national backdrop of more challenging vocational and A Level qualifications there have been notable successes for individual students. 

At A Level high attainers were Maria Simonova (A*A*A), Kingsley Kingdon (AAA), Akua Oppey (AAA), Elizabeth Clack (A*AB), Jonathan Beale (AAB) and Adam Tweedie (AAB).

In vocational subjects, significant successes have been seen for Abbie Plaw (A*ACC, Distinction*), Ashleigh Smith (Distinction*, Distinction*, Distinction*, C), Lizzie Wesbroom (Distinction*, Distinction*, Distinction*, C), Tommy Collins (Distinction*, Distinction, Distinction, Distinction), Katie Beck (A*, Distinction*, Distinction), Georgia Wallace (Distinction*, Distinction, A), Luke Hallford (Distinction*, Distinction, Distinction), Nathaniel Ashwood (Distinction*, Distinction, Distinction, B) and Alfie Crickmore (Distinction*, Distinction, Distinction).

Headteacher Margaret Hutchinson paid tribute to the hard work of students and teachers that led to the these outstanding achievements: “at a time when A Level and vocational qualifications have become much more challenging nationally, it is a credit to the diligence of our students that they have achieved such success.  It is always a pleasure to share results day with our young people and we wish them every success and happiness in the next stage of their lives.”



Students, parents and staff are celebrating another record set of results. 233 students sat examinations in year 11 with 64% of grades being at 4 or above (equivalent to the old C).  In addition, one in every eight grades achieved was at grade 7 or higher, equivalent to the old A and A*.

Notable high achievers include:

  • Ellie Porter (5 x grade 9, 8 x grade 8, a grade A, 2 x grade 6 and a grade 5),
  • Tom Wouldham (2 x grade 9, a grade 8, an A*, an A and 6 x grade 5),
  • Cameron Beech (2 x grade 9, a grade 8, 3 x grade 7, an A* grade, 2 x grade 6 and 2 x grade 5),
  • Charlotte Langley (2 x grade 9, a grade 8, 2 x grade 7, 2 x grade A, a grade 6 and 2 x grade 5),
  • Ellie Clark (a grade 9, 5 x grade 8, 3 x grade 7, a grade A and a grade 5),
  • Zoe Bennett (a grade 9, 4 x grade 8, 5 x grade 7 and a grade 5),
  • Bethany Fryer (a grade 9, 2 x grade 8, an A* grade, 3 x grade 7, a grade A, 2 grade 6 and a grade 5),
  • Bradley Naylor (a Distinction*, 2 x grade 8, 3 x grade 7, 2 x grade 6 and 3 x grade 5),
  • Anna Bobrik (2 x grade 8, 3 x grade 7, a Distinction*, an A*, an A, a B, 2 x grade 5 and a grade 4)
  • Bryn Jermy (2 x grade A, a Distinction, 2 x grade 7, 3 x grade 6 and 3 x grade 5).

Executive Headteacher Vic Ashdown commented:

“It has been a challenging year for students and staff working through a period of GCSE transition.  Students have performed brilliantly under difficult circumstances. We are thrilled for them and their families who will be celebrating many fantastic individual successes whilst planning for exciting futures in September.  Congratulations to all.”