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The Addams Family

Wednesday Addams: daughter to Gomez and Morticia, neice to Uncle Fester, brother to Pugsley, and... fiancée to Lucas?! We sent Lizzie Wesbroom, who played Wednesday in our production, to find out more. Her mission (as you might expect) quickly became rather surreal...

Hi. I’m Wednesday (yes, every day!) and for four consecutive nights, many normal people witnessed my life fall apart in front of my eyes. Why? 

I fell in love. 

My family is most definitely not normal, so I don’t know why I tried to change them. I mean,  Daddy knows I loved Lucas as much as he loves Mother. 

But, here's the thing (and I don't mean the hand)... My idiot brother, Pugsley, got jealous and accidentally poisoned Lucas’ mother, who proceeded to prance across the dinner table and embarrass Lucas's father, Mr Beineke.

OMG! That was so awkward. 

Now, I can't prove it, but I’m pretty sure the ancestors had something to do with the storm that prevented the Beinekes from leaving after the fiasco at dinner. Well, they love me, don't they?  

The ancestors, I mean, not the Beinekes.

Speaking of whom, many of the ancestors seemed rather lazy; they wouldn’t dance and looked, well, not to put too fine a point on it, rather alive & even worse... normal. And, they sat on rows of seats and clapped at various intervals, and made sounds like a cackle of hyenas.

It made me feel quite at home.

Anyway, we were stuck together until Lucas and I slipped away in the morning, only for him to bail on me because he was acting just like his father. The root doesn’t fall far from the... no, the apple... forget it. Point is, Lucas proved he was willing to die for me when he let me shoot an apple from his head, blindfolded. 

Me blindfolded, not him.

Anyway, Mother forgave Daddy for keeping my secret from her, and the Beinekes were crazy for each other once again. Well, definitely crazy. 

Maybe they are like us after all?

With all that said and done, Lucas and I are miserable together and everything is finally abnormal again. 

It only took four nights.