Sixth Form Guides

Using the Library for Research

The library is an excellent source for your queries and questions. You can even look up the book you might need before going, by visiting:


Articles can be accessed from the periodicals section of the library, or from:


Remember to credit your sources. Here's a guide to referencing to help you.

Checklist for Accuracy & Reliability

  • Why did they write it?   
  • When did they write it?  
  • Who wrote it?
  • At what level is it written?
  • Where did the information come from – is it biased or misleading?
  • Use trusted websites and printed sources.


  • Do not copy or paste from someone else’s work
  • Do not allow someone else to write or edit part of your work for you
  • Do not repeat your own research without acknowledgement
  • Do not break Copyright Law, this especially applies when using images

Research Tips

  • Plan your research
  • Be selective
  • Use a range of sources
  • Check reliability
  • Keep references