• Library 6

Student Librarians

What is a Student Librarian? 

A student librarian is a student who works alongside the librarian, helping in the running of the library during lunchtimes. 

Who can apply to become a Student Librarian?

We are looking for students who are hardworking, reliable and have an interests in books, reading and the library as a whole.

What will I do as a Student Librarian?

The role of a student librarian includes:

  • Issuing and returning books for students.
  • Supporting students using the printer and computers. 
  • Writing a termly book review on a book of your choice, to be displayed in the library.


Student Librarians are expected to behave and conduct themselves in an appropriate and responsible manner; acting as examples on how to use the library to other students. This means being:

  • Sensible whilst in the library 
  • Helpful when assisting other students
  • Having an enthusiastic attitude about working in the library 

Student Librarians are expected to arrive on time for their assigned duty. If students are unable to make their duty time they must notify the librarian as soon as possible. 

When and how often will I be on duty? 

Students will be have one main duty per week. 


  • A first choice of the new books 
  • Student Librarian Christmas and Summer celebrations
  • Involvement in Library events
  • Certificate and badge on completion of training.