Student Feedback

We ask our students for feedback to help us to improve our service. Feedback can be anonymous, giving them the opportunity to tell us exactly how they feel. Here are some of the most recent quotes from students;

“The careers adviser was very helpful in pointing me in the right direction towards where I want to go. She kept me well informed on any new positions that came up that would appeal to me. Her help has improved my future.”

Thomas Pearson

“I think that the careers service was extremely helpful with the UCAS application and completing my personal statement.”

Toby Penniall

“I find it helpful knowing that the door is always open, so if you have a query you can go for advice or arrange a meeting. We are notified of work experience/volunteer opportunities which may be helpful for future careers,”


“I have been welcomed into the careers advice office and all visits have been more than helpful. I’ve really struggled with knowing what to do with my future, but I am now more aware of my options and very reassured. The careers adviser is always extremely helpful and listens to what you have to say.”

Ruby James

“Our careers adviser is very helpful and well informed; tries to do as much as possible and carefully checked my personal statement.”

Nicola Jurkeirwicz

“They’re very helpful in providing us with guidance and support in helping us achieve our potential in the future.”


“I find helpful the fact that I am able to go to the careers adviser to receive constructive criticism.”

Lewis Dadd

“Very approachable and easy to talk to. Supportive when it came to my work placement, very informative. I would happily go to see her again.”

Ayanna Korpal

“I found it incredibly helpful that I was able to get my personal statement checked numerous times with the careers adviser giving me confidence with my application. Also she is very approachable.”

Jodi Blizard