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This year there has been a complete evaluation of our UCAS processes and this has been improved upon so much that the positive effects are already evident among our sixth form students after only a few weeks. Outstanding results from this new approach are shown by the fact that we already have 7 students with unconditional offers for university and many more with their first choice offering them a conditional place once their results are back in August 2017.

The whole sixth form team is heavily involved in supporting students in making good choices and completing an outstanding application.

A booklet called UCAS and You is given out to all sixth form students. This has everything a student needs to know about the process and how to write an outstanding personal statement. Along with this, we offer intense support to those writing their statements to ensure they have the best possible chance of getting the university place of their choice.

We offer advice and give talks to parents and students regarding student finance. This subject can seem overwhelming and can put some families off of applying to university. Our aim is to help you to understand student finance and to show you that it can be manageable and far less daunting than you think. To find out more click here.

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