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Please download our Application Guide for more information about our pathways.

Launching the Valley Park Pathways

For prospective students interested in applying to Valley Park School, we understand the transition from year 11 to year 12 can be a confusing and daunting experience. We recognise that students and parents alike find it difficult to select the best combination of subjects to both suit your needs and your future aspirations. We also recognise the need to present students with clear guidance in the choices that are available to them, to identify which courses combine effectively to make a valuable subject package.

We see a clear purpose for sixth form education; to provide a pathway to the next phase in our students lives; to prepare them for university; apprenticeships or future careers and to give them the best opportunities possible. I am not alone. The core elements of the Valley Park Sixth Form offer encompass a personalised curriculum that is unrivalled. Our broad subject offer, with a choice of over fifty Level 3 courses, specialist pathways and individualised timetables have been designed to ensure success and progression to further education; whilst our outstanding Pastoral support offers students a wide range of opportunities beyond level 3 courses; a comprehensive care and guidance structure and the opportunity to get involved in our ‘Personal Opportunities Programme’, which is desirable for University applications or future employers.

For 2018 we have introduced subject pathways.

Pathways, simply put, are a curriculum model that illustrates how subjects can work effectively together to form a student’s personalised timetable. In total there are eight pathways available to students:

  • The STEM pathway
  • The Social Sciences pathway
  • The Liberal Arts pathway
  • The Services pathway
  • The Access pathway
  • The Performance pathway
  • The Art & Design Pathway
  • The Specialist pathway

Each pathway demonstrates successful subject packages - including those offered at Invicta Grammar School - and each pathway has been specifically designed so that you can identify clear progression to the next stage of your education. From your desired pathway, you should choose three subjects you would like to study. All of the information you need to make the right choices for you is outlined in the application guide. There, each of the Valley Park Pathways are illustrated, alongside information about universities and careers that link to each pathway and a past student pen portrait.