Our Senior Prefect Team

Emily Brown - Head Girl

Emily Brown - Head Girl

Through being a part of Valley Park School for seven years, I have gained many attributes that through the support of the school has enabled me to achieve high academic standards, boost my self-esteem and gain a strong motivation to achieve the best in all I do. I have always maximised my opportunities by taking full advantage of everything the school has to offer through extracurricular activities and outreach programmes including: Young Farmers, Valley Park Productions, all choirs, French mentoring, Work experience externally and working with exchange students to name but a few.

The standards both personal and behavioural the school demands and the core values it instills in its pupils have carried me through my first seven years and have made me the high achieving student I am, constantly performing to a high standard musically and academically. Without being a part of the Valley Park Community I would not have had the opportunity to be a prefect, Head Girl or attend outreach programmes that have given me the chance to flourish as an individual. I am extremely grateful for everything it has given me and I hope that my further education will be as enjoyable and fulfilling as the time I have spent here. 

Jack Sullivan - Head Boy

Jack Sullivan - Head Boy

A reputation for academic excellence and high calibre school productions; this is what initially drew me to Valley Park School. Studying here for the last seven years however has enabled me to appreciate that our school is so much more than just that. Whilst academics are important and the outstanding staff have helped me to excel throughout my GCSE’s and now my three A levels, the school puts the individual student first and values support, guidance and the overall well-being of pupils just as much as excellent results.

Valley Park School offers opportunities around every corner. During my time here, I have been involved in several extracurricular activities such as participating in sports teams, public speaking competitions, and three choral groups. As well as this I have been granted the responsibility to arrange school charity events, mentor younger students and most recently, I have been appointed as Head Boy; a position I am extremely proud to hold. As I am sure you can infer from all of this, Valley Park School is home to an extremely well integrated and affable community; an environment perfect to ensure every student succeeds expectation and reaches their potential. As Head Boy I am keen to maintain this ethos that has made me the person I am today.

If I were to give any new students one piece of advice, it would be to take full advantage of every opportunity and commit yourselves 100% to Valley Park. In return I promise that Valley Park will commit 100% to you. 

Megan Riley - Deputy Head Girl

Megan Riley - deputy head girl

As a proud student of Valley Park School, I have thankfully shared experiences and opportunities, such as being involved in Valley Park Productions, Art mentoring for younger students, becoming a prefect and just recently representing the school as Deputy Head Girl. These opportunities have allowed a boost in my self-esteem as well gaining preparation for the near future pathways that I may take.

I have also gained meaningful skills, such as communicative abilities, responsibility, trust, leadership and delegation. These qualities are ones in which I will always carry with me and the encouragement I have received from Valley Park School, to pursue and greaten my individuality is something I will be forever grateful for. 

Tioluwani Adesola - Deputy Head Girl

Tio Adesola - deputy head girl

My time at Valley Park has taught me that hard work and ambition is the way to succeed in anything I wish to do in life, no matter how impossible it may seem.  The large range of activities such as focus days, school trips to foreign countries, exciting fundraising events and one of the best young farmers clubs in Kent, it has exposed me to many challenging experiences - not to mention the extra-curricular activities involving professional school productions and the Senior Choir which I have previously been a part of,  like the Zorro production and the Senior Choir in Year 10. These activities have helped me come out of my comfort zone and explore new opportunities the school brings.

Valley Park School has allowed me to become more independent while receiving wonderful opportunities and supportive teachers to help me along the way. In the process, I have developed as a young adult in building a bright and exciting future as well as all students at Valley Park School.  I can honestly say that Valley Park has sculpted me into the confident and ambitious person I am today. I am now able to connect with all year groups without feeling a sense of exclusion. This gave me the confidence to apply for the role of Head Girl and I am extremely honoured to have been elected Deputy Head Girl.

Albert Courtnell - Deputy Head Boy

Albert Courtnell - Deputy head boy

As a student at Valley Park, I have always been welcomed with outstanding support from all students and my teachers. They have enabled and encouraged me to develop a friendly understanding to everyone’s different views, needs and requirements. This has shaped me into the determined individual that I am today.

Valley Park has also instilled their traditions into my learning through their multiple extra-curricular activities. Being a prefect and Deputy Head Boy, is an honor that I would never have dreamed of being able to achieve without the great opportunities that Valley Park school offer.


Ross Wickison - Deputy Head Boy

Ross Wickison - deputy head boy

I joined Valley park in year 12 from another school, and haven’t looked back on it since.  This school has offered me more opportunities than I could have ask for. I was nervous about starting a new school; I didn’t know many people, and it was a new environment. From the first day I had people I’d never met, starting conversations with me, and making me feel welcome and I feel Valley Park thrives on and is defined by that sort of kindness. 

Although I joined in year 12, I feel as comfortable, & confident as those who have been here since year 7.  This school has definitely changed my life for the good and I have been nothing but happy with my decision of coming here for my last years before university