Our Head Girl & Head Boy

Nicole Kakel


As a student, I know the care, guidance and support that this school offers students. Valley Park has given me a wealth of opportunities and boosted my self-esteem through being involved in multiple extracurricular activities and the personal opportunities programme. Some of these activities include: Valley Park School productions, interviewing Kelly Holmes, joining the Senior Choir, Acapella Choir and Chamber Choir; being involved in the ‘Outreach’ scheme all last year; being a Maths prefect and just recently I have been elected as Head Girl.

Being a prefect, Head Girl and a part of the Outreach scheme is something I never would have been able to do if I didn’t choose this Sixth Form. These are just some of the opportunities students can be provided with when they join year 12. Acting as an Arts Ambassador, the Outreach program has given me the chance to teach performing arts to different primary schools, giving me experience in the field I want to go into. Academically I have also flourished at this school; for my GCSE’s I achieved one A*, seven A’s, two B’s and one C in my GCSE results, something I hope to repeat with my A Levels. All of these opportunities have given me a real spring board for my future and I feel ready to take on the next challenge and the next phase in my education.

In the first academic year in Valley Park Sixth Form I explored areas outside of my comfort zone; I was lucky enough to take part in the St Lucia scuba diving trip this summer, gaining a PADI Open Water Qualification and UCAS points too. This was an experience of a lifetime and something I would never have been able to do if I didn’t go to this school.
Because of my involvement with extracurricular activities, I have not only made connections with students in upper years, but I am able to connect with all year groups throughout the school. Our Sixth Form provides many opportunities to become well connected to these students and provides a strong bridge between teachers. This school is the only reason I have gained the confidence to stand here today. It is all down to the student and staff encouragement that I have received throughout my journey here at Valley Park, that has given me this confidence of which I will be forever thankful for.

Aaron Frith


I have thoroughly enjoyed the years that I have spent at Valley Park School. Throughout my education, the school has offered me the opportunity to excel in my learning, accomplish many achievements and become the person I am today.

For me, Valley Park Sixth form has offered me a pathway to the next stage in my education; I have been able to excel in the subjects that I love while also achieving independence, allowing me to express my individuality and explore further my passion, performing arts. In the past year I have been involved in many extra-curricular activities; I became a sixth form prefect, a member of three choral groups, took a leading role in school productions, hosted a Valley Park Oscars and supported fundraising events within the school. Last year I was also accepted as a member of the National Youth theatre, an achievement I am both proud of and grateful for. Without the dedication and support of the performing arts staff and the Sixth form team; who encouraged me, supported me and guided me, this would not have been possible.

Sixth form presents you with very different opportunities to that of the lower school. If I had any advice for applicants, it would be; think about your subject choices carefully and which pathway you would like to take and ensure that you talk to your teachers and seek advice. For those of you who are external students, I hope that you find that this is the school for you. Many of the friendships I have made in sixth form would not be possible without meeting new students who come from other schools.

At the moment I am applying for Universities and Drama schools whilst carrying on education is not for everyone, the individual care, guidance and support, offered to students, helps them make a clear choice. I hope that my future education will be as supportive, motivating and enjoyable as the years I have spent at here.