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Values and Ethos

The education culture at Valley Park School is based on 3 key principles: 

Outstanding Care

Every student at Valley Park thrives as a member of a cohesive and tolerant community with the highest possible future aspirations for themselves and each other. The key features of Outstanding Care at Valley Park are:

  • Attendance: care focused on the relationship between outstanding attendance and outstanding educational achievement
  • Social adjustment: care to develop a happy student, highly motivated to learn
  • Behaviour: care to foster outstanding behaviour as the key to taking full advantage of education
  • Academic Progress: care to ensure that every student’s progress is tracked with intervention as necessary to ensure all students achieve beyond their potential
  • Individual Educational Needs: care based on a belief that all students have individual needs that we identify and to which we will respond
  • Individual Health Needs: care for students with specific health needs.

Outstanding Education

Every student at Valley Park benefits from an education that has creativity at its heart and literacy and numeracy as building blocks, within the framework of a broad and balanced curriculum.

Outstanding Opportunities

The Opportunities Programme helps students identify, develop and explore their personal interests and aptitudes. The key features of Outstanding Opportunities at Valley Park are:

  • The Arts: Opportunities to learn a musical instrument, to visit galleries, museums, theatre, concerts and live performance, and to participate in live performances of their own
  • Leadership: Opportunities to lead and influence others
  • Sport: Opportunities to develop individual skills and a healthy lifestyle alongside a love of competitive sport and games
  • Internationalism: Opportunities to interact with global cultures
  • Service to others: Opportunities to help others and volunteer as a member of a team.

These three key principles are underpinned by a set of core values (PRIDE):

  • Personal excellence: Recognise and appreciate excellence in everything that we do. Understand that excellence is achieved through hard work and dedication. Believe that excellence can be achieved.
  • Respect: For all members of the school community, home, the wider community and our working environment.
  • Individuality: Understanding that every member of the school community is unique with their own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Determination: Striving to improve continuously and recognising that learning happens also when we fail.
  • Equality: Understanding, embracing and celebrating cultural diversity.